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[RP Academy] Father, Can We Go to Madillah?

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An average Bahiristani boy is sitting on his couch in his apartment in the capital city of Azama enjoying the highest quality of entertainment on the tv; when all of a sudden his favorite show cuts to the commercials. The boy sits there in weariness, wondering what endless commercial will come up. He sees the logo of BahiriTrack, the most well known transportation  company in the country, as well as tradtional orchestral music. His face lights up in excitement, knowing what is to come. Yawbarak... the great greatest day in the nation. The hypnotic voice of a beautiful woman begins to speak....

*For centuries, thousands of devout Taniynists have crossed the perilous golden dunes of the Altiniyn Alkuthban in their journey north to the sacred city of Madillah. Situated at the bottom of Mt. Alrajul Al'akhir, it is believed that the dragon God, Altkhaliq, descended upon the humble village, which was ruled by the Raheem family. According to legend, Altkhaliq deposited his soul into the patriarch of the Raheem family, thus giving him the ability of great innovation to progress our people, among various other traits. These abilities would be passed down to the tribesman's  eldest son, and would be passed all the way down to our Sultan...  -- Raheem Bin Hafeez.

Yawbarak is the exact celebration of this very event. Every year, the Sultan, and tens of thousands of Taniynists flock to the northern city to celebrate the holiest day in Bahiristan! The desert which was once part of a treacherous pilgrimage is now a thing of the past. With modern Bahiristani technology, the desert can easily be crossed by high-speed trains coasting at speeds of up to 250 mph. Even his majesty himself uses it to travel! So what are you waiting for?! Join the celebration by purchasing a ticket to Madillah today for a low low price of $12.99! Hurry before it's too late!

"The best of transportation for the best of people...."*

The soothing voice, and the music fade as a video of the train zooming through the desert appears behind the logo of BahiriTrack logo. For a few more seconds the video plays out as the boy relishes the advertisment. The screen cuts back to his show. A few minutes past, when the boy's father barged through the front door, coming back from a hard days work at the Azama fish docks. The boy runs to his father's arms in excitement, and they share a loving embrace. They begin to chat....


Boy: Father, father! I'm so glad you're home, I missed you!

Father: Hey son! I missed you tool!

Boy: Father... I was wondering if we could go to the Yawbarak celebrations this year. I've never been before.

Father: Well, I was there when I was just a little lad with my father. It was a spectacular sight... thousands of people lined the sides of the streets, and everyone and everything was decorated in the colors of gold and green! I suppose it would be a wonderful trip between you and I, but I'm afraid we cannot afford the trip there. Maybe next year son.

Boy: Actually, I saw this commercial a few minutes ago about BahiriTrack. A ticket only costs $12.99!

Father: Holy mackerel! Son... I think we may be able to make it this year! Let's get a move on!

Boy: Oh thank Altkhaliq! I can't wait! I'm gonna go pack my bags right away!

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The very next day, the father and the boy had all their bags packed, and had a full-proof plan. First, they had to cross through the Azama bizarre, the most famous market in the country, and possibly in the whole region! After that, they would have to hail a taxi on the main street of the traffic-ridden roads of the capital. Lastly, they would reach Azama Station, and purchase their one way tickets to Madillah; and the biggest event in the nation -- Yawbarak!

The pair headed out the door when they found their neighbor, Mr. Ihsan coming out of his apartment for his daily walk. In all the boy's memory,  old Mr. Ihsan lived right next-door to the Al-Faraj family. The boy's father, and Mr. Ihsan were great friends, and the boy could even consider the man as part of the family. Ihsan greeted them," Good morning to you Muhammad, and to you as well little Yousef. I swear Yousef, you get taller and taller by the day!" He took a moment to catch his breath, and began chatting again. "Where are you two headed on this fine day?" Muhammad responded to his dear friend, and says," Good morning Mr. Ihsan. Yousef and I are headed to Madillah for the Yawbarak celebrations. Hopefully the train tickets aren't sold out, as my son has been longing to go." Mr. Ihsan remarked," Well, good luck on your journey! I must get going now before the streets are too crowded. Goodbye!" Muhammad and Yousef bid the old man farewell, and entered the apartment building elevator. A cranky ancient machine, the elevator took a good five minutes to get to the lobby, not to mention it was quite a tight space. The creaky doors opened slowly, and the father-son duo walked out onto the streets of Azama.

The city of Azama is definitely a place to gawk at in amazement. Full of oddities, and outstanding things, life never gets bored in the capital. Luckily, Yousef and his father were headed to one of the most special places in the city -- the Azama bizarre.

If someone desired anything, they could probably find it in the bizarre of Azama. Delicious Bahiristani food, clothes, entertainment, home decor, and even pirated movies from all over Eurth. If one knew where to look in the market, they could find crime syndicates selling anything from drugs, weapons, and enslaved laborers; which is quite a big issue in Bahiristan. But Muhammad and Yousef were on a more wholesome path....

After walking a good distance, they crossed the gates of the famous bizarre. Immediately, the two of them were thrown into the controlled chaos of the bizarre. Multiple sellers approached them, trying to convince them to buy one of their products. Muhammad denied them all with a polite," No thank you." All the while hagglers could be heard bargaining with sellers, as well as the deafening sound of the crowd, noisy animals, and cooks yelling out orders. Suddenly, Yousef's belly groaned in hunger. He asked Muhammad," Father, can we get some food, I haven't eaten all day." Muhammad was quite hungry as well, and said," Sure we can go for a bite. The market food is quite cheap, but they give massive portions!" Yousef went to go save a table for him and his father. fifteen minutes passed by when Muhammad returned with a full tray of Bahiristani delicacies. A whole pita stuffed with shawarma, tahini, salad, eggplant, and hot-sauce awaited them. For desert the had knafeh; a spun pastry, soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, layered with cheese, and pistachio nuts sprinkled on the top. What a delicious treat! Yousef remarked to his father," We need to come here more often this is very tasty!" His father jokingly responded," We will definitely not. These kinds of foods will get us fat." They laughed, and chatted until they finished their meal, and headed back on the road once-more. 

As they stumbled upon the main street of Azama, a vast sea of yellow taxis permeated their sight. It would not be easy to hail one. Muhammad raised his hand, and to no surprise one of many stopped on the side of the road for him. He began stuffing the luggage in the trunk, when he realized Yousef was dazed by the traffic. Muhammad called out for his son," Yallah Yousef lets get a move on!" They both crammed into the back of the rather small taxi. The driver asked," Where to?" Muhammad said immediately," Azama Station." The man stomped on the gas pedal, and sped off. The driver was curious about where the two were going, and once more questioned them," So, why are you guys going to Azama Station?"

"We're going to the Yawbarak celebrations," Yousef responded.

"Ah, I've never been, but I heard it's an amazing sight. Ya know, I heard that they're doing a raffle in Madillah. The Sultan will pick one lucky child to have a one-on-one lunch with him, maybe you'll be that lucky boy." Yousef said," I hope so, that would be amazing!" The rest of the ride was sat in silence until they arrived.

They pulled up to the front of the station, Yousef and Muhammad got out of the car, took their bags, and payed the driver. The driver shook Muhammad's hand, and said," Best of luck to you and your boy in your travels!" And that was the last time they would meet, as he sped off once more into the distance....

OOC: Pt. 3 coming soon...


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