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[Vision Statement] The Sultanate of Bahiristan

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Throughout the centuries the various tribes of the deserts of Bahiristan were plagued by never ending wars. Under the banner of the tribe of Raheem and the ideas of Taniynism. The tribes were united into what is now Bahiristan. Commerce and foreign relations were opened up, and Bahiristan was prospering in the time of late-antiquity. When all of a sudden the nation was attacked by a powerful foreign power. Luckily, the combined force of all the united tribes drove out this unknown power. In foreboding that another power will descend destruction upon them, the nation unanimously decided to enter a period of isolationism. Under isolation, Bahiristan thrived; creating unique cultures and traditions within its lowly walls of stone, and as well as the watchful eye of their one true god. In the mid 19th century, Bahiristan was coerced into opening up its gates once-more by another foreign power. Bahiristan entered an era of rapid modernization, technologically at least. Modern-day, Bahiristan is more powerful than ever before, and is now hungry for more....  


Most of Bahiristan is an inhospitable desert known as the Altiniyn Alkuthban Desert, also known as the Dunes of the Dragons; where only the strongest of creatures survive, and a voyage through it is described as a thousand hells. Most of Bahiristan's population resides along the arid, steppe coast of the nation, where multiple major cities are sprinkled. The capital of Bahiristan -- Azama -- is situated where the Altada River empties out into the sea. Along the northern borders of Bahristan are the Alrajul Al'akhir Mountains. 


Bahiristan is mostly like Saudi Arabia where the nation is ruled by the King, or in this case Sultan, and his vast amount of family. The Sultan, who is currently Raheem Bin Hafeez, is believed to be the living embodiment of Bahiristan's God, an almighty dragon from the heavens who is the leader of the religion known as Taniynism. The Bahiristani people are ranked in a caste system, with the royal family being at the top. Also like Saudi Arabia, Bahiristan's biggest export is oil. Bahiristan would be aligned with whatever nation is best for its businesses, and economic growth. 


For RP, I am planning on being a big part in the global economy. Also, I would be interested in meddling with the affairs of neighboring countries. I would like to interact with other like-minded nations. Other than that, I am down for any RP that arises. 

Point Allocation

2 points out of 4 points towards population.

2 points out of 4 points towards economy.


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5 hours ago, Bahiristan said:

Bahiristan's biggest export is oil

5 hours ago, Bahiristan said:

being a big part in the global economy

Given the way Eurth is, oil may not actually be the most ideal export from a few conversations we have had and it would likely be a resource that OOCly speaking not a lot of people realize is necessary or claiming which, potentially with monopolization or little competition, would make it more lucrative. @Iverica correct me if necessary.

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Seconding what Oyus said.

Its certainly possible to request a spot on the map where oil is present. However given its importance to the economy and other reasons cited above, it is a resource we will be more critical about.

Meaning that if chosen, we would expect to see some focused RP detailing it's detection, extraction, and export. More so than a few news posts or a short Roleplay.

Apart from due diligence, this is done so that new members have the opportunity to showcase that they're willing to research and write about important resources they own intelligently and responsibly.

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I understand that oil is a very crucial resource in this wurld. So, if you ultimately decide that I should receive a plot of land with a significant amount of it, I give you my word that it will be a center-point of a meticulously planned RP, and will be RPed as often as I possibly can.

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Great to hear that from you :)

Safe to say that as of now, there's no issue with you requesting this in the future map application. It would also be fair to start out with a small amount of oil extraction but with the potential for untapped reserves that's can be gained via steady RP.

On another note, we messaged briefly on discord about your graduation. So far you've done quite well. I've just heard a few comments asking for a post in continuation of your story, "Father can we go to Madillah". We'd then be able to properly vote on your graduation. 

Feel free to show off some more world building in your next post or add any details you find fun to write. 


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