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Gathering Storm


After the Speech of  Alivezh, Nyantastans Leadership is in a tight spot. The Federal Council and Diet already accepted the new Plan from the Head of Government Nyanta Akamura. Whilst Diplomats are sent out to trading Partners and Allies, the Nyantastani Military is in disarray. With the Development in Northern Argis multiple Political groups and Activist pleaded that Nyantastan takes a Stand. This already happened with the Speech but will be counting with great Effort. Whilest Nyantastan always had a difficult stand on Military Actions, the Inevitable cant be out of the  question.  James Hurst already  prepare the Army for the worst case. Whitest Military Planning and the actually full combat capability will be a matter of two months or more, the Core of the Forces including Special forces is already and will always be Combat ready. To underline the Stand of Nyantastan as a Protector of Human Rights and Democracy, a big Military Exercise was planned and executed today. All Active Personal Participated.  From Sea to Land. At the end of the Exercise, a real Battlefield simulation was performed. The Message is  clear. We are willing to defend our Brothers and Sister on this Continent not just with Words alone but with actions. Nyantastan will always stand side by Side with Argic Nations if peace shall be threatened.  




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The Jack Russell terrier was in danger of being overwhelmed by rising tides when she was found stranded on mudflats . The dog, called Millie, had gone missing after slipping her lead and was on the run for four days. She was found on mudflats with rising tides threatening to sweep her out to sea, prompting a rescue effort to swing into action.

Police, firefighters, and coastguards tried tirelessly for four days to rescue her, but were left scratching their heads when even kayaking to her wouldn't work.

The chances of Millie being reunited with her owner seemed increasingly unlikely, when a rescuer had the idea of attaching a sausage to a drone with the hope of tempting her to safety.

The chair of the Drone Search and Rescue team, Chris Taylor, told The Guardian: "It was a crazy idea.

"One of the local residents on the beach where we were flying from supplied us with the sausages - I think they were from a local store. The woman cooked them up for us, and we attached them with string."


Luckily, the pork-dangling plan worked, with the terrier following the sausage towards her rescuers, away from the rising tides, to safety.

'The last resort'

The Dog is now safely back with their Owner

Also in the news;

The  new Objective to increase the Economic power and Substitute Immigration is currently held in the Upper in Lower Houses, a reform on that end could strengthen the Economic sector whilst also making the Immigration to Nyantastan more attractive. Whilst a Law for more Child Support and increased  Support for Families will be signed this week by the HOS and HOG hoping to get the Nation's Population up.

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Nyantastan´s Great Economic Offensive

Speech from Chancellor Akamura in the House of Commons

“My Fellow Citizen and Representatives, we have set ourselves a Big Goal, and I think we as a state are finally in a Position where we can start to Tackle the Future with resolve. We shall become one of the wurld's Finest suppliers of Timber Products. With our Industrial Development, this will take long without Reliable Trading partners. Nyantastan needs to grow to protect is sovereignty and Freedom. We need to be able to become what we once were without the failures in the Past. It is time that we once Again become a Flourishing Nation that has lots of Interests in Investors and Company's. Our Products shall become a trademark for the finest quality. I know that this will be a grand venture, but I am sure that we should be able to accomplish our Goals. Henceforth, I here by Propose an Economic Offensive. We Lower our Taxation for Foreign Company's and our own. We need to be more Attractive to foreign investments, whilst also focusing heavily on our Strengths and Exporting them. For this matter, we have worked out a plan that stabilizes our Markets and keeps them as risk-free as Possible. Nyantastan is already a Stable Country with growth. And we want to Support this Growth even more. With this and some other Points I will shortly explain I Detail, I hope we shall bring Nyantastan back on Top….”

The Nyantastani Chancellors Speech lasted longer than expected, over one Hour he Explained the Importance of a Growing Economy and how It could benefit not only Cooperation’s but the People and the state. The Speech was a success and the Plans were formulated this week as always we got you covered with the most Important Changes and Proposals, so you don’t have to listen through the entire thing.

Foremost, the Most important thing, Nyantastan Opens its own Stock market in Arkos. The Arkos Stock Market will be an opportunity for Foreign and Native’s to Safely Invest in our Company's and enable Company's in our Country to work with a bigger Budget.

The second-biggest Change will be a heavier focus on Export via Sea with the good location on the Auraid Bay the Trade via Ports and Seat routs shall be expanded. The House of Commons already accepted an investment plan to Expand the Arkos Trading Port to solidify the Trading sovereignty in the Auraid Bay.

The most interesting Part for our Economy should be the Changes in taxation that were especially endorsed by the LDP and the HDL. The Taxation will be changed to be more attractive to Foreign Businesses. They will get tax relief's in Certain Areas and shall be able to get through
bureaucracy a little faster. While this was Heavily Opposed by the Left. The Left Head of the Party said that this could Harm Native Company's in the Long Run. But the Chancellor assured that our Native Company’s get a fair share of Tax reliefs too. While many already fear the deficit in Household Revenue the Ruling Party's assured that this will be negated by higher Investment in the Nyantastani Economy trough groceries and other everyday things.

With heavy Opposition and a very close call for the Ruling Party, a new change in Work Visa was made. They shall now be easier to get and afford, this shall also interest foreign specialist and workers. Also, can the visa now be more easily changed to Regular Visas or an Application for citizenship.

The Last major points where Regulations, but a heavy debate, lead to no Changes in our Current Regulations. The Green's see this as a Victory. A Renowned Politician said, “This is a Victory. We can be interesting for Investment and grow without betraying our Values and destroying our ecosystem”

These covers the first week of development on our Economic front, we don’t know what will happen next and how this will affect Nyantastan in a long term, but we hope we can welcome new People and Companys into our Country. Whilst focusing on Economic Export in other Country's.


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Ulfheimr´s Military Exercise 
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The Head of State and the Government are Concerned with the Recent Development from Ulfheimr. With near 0 Communication, this Incidence could even be seen as a Thread  and direct Attack against Nyantastan and its industry. Reports say that the fire Spread to Nyantastani borders and a Forest fire on Nyantastani Soil emerged. With Great Efforts and the quick mobilization of Firefighters and the Army, it was possible to keep the damage minimal. Meanwhile, the Rearmament Effort has been completed. With Recent development, some Response Forces have been station  at the Border. The Nyantastani Air Force and Air Defense is on Standby. The Chancellor Akamura announced that he wants to keep thing civilized, and they will Contact the Ulfheimr Government as soon as Possible. This could be seen as a Direct Attack against the Nation, but things should not be escalated that quick. No one want this to get out of Hand, he stressed.  Voices from the Peopel seem to show a Concerned with the Recent developments in the Argis Region.  We hope that this won't hinder the Economic Offensive planed, said Arthur Cornwall.  We inform you with how the Situation evolves. Likewise, we hope for a peaceful Solution, no one wants a war. We hope that we have the support of our Allies and this won't turn into another Crisis 

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Action and Reaction 
With tensions rising, Nyantastan needs to act quickly and determined. With the newly Proclaimed Treats against Allied Christian Nations, like @Gotneska and @Tagmatium Rules @Ulfheimr crossed a line.
After 5 days of Intense debates and Conferences, Nyanta Akamura addressed the Nation today. 

"From this moment we will not pursue any Diplomatic Relations with the Nation of Ulfheimr. They seek to destroy the Freedom and Prosperity of our Nation and Argis. We will no longer sit idly by when a leader like Erilaz  who seeks reasons everywhere and let's Anger and Hate grow. We will close our Trade Routs and Ports for every good that has Ulfheimr as Destination. Furthermore, we will  also impose punitive tariffs on every Nation that is Trading with Ulfheimr.  Nyantastan will stand its ground and hopes that bloodshed can be avoided. But we can no longer Talk to Barbarians and Savages that want to see the wurld burn. And to avoid any more attacks, Nyantastan will enforce a no-fly zone over the entire airspace. Every plane that violates this zone will be shot down."
Many Nyantastani cheered when Akamura finished his short speech. The Population seems to be on their Side. There is no talk with Barbarians, and no one shall say we didn't try to talk. Akamura later made clear that Nyantastan is willing to negotiate, but only trough Mediators. 


Later that evening, James Hurst made clear that the Army is in increased readiness and more Troops and Divisions are relocated to the Nyantastan/Ulfheimr border. Reservists should also be prepared if the worst case happened. 
According to rumors, regiments of the Viking Division and the Pelecinian Guard have been spotted on the border.


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News Flash

Recent events shocked the Nation. Our dearest Ally, Gotneska. With this, we think Ulfheimr went too far. We will discuss with our Troops and the minds and hearts of our Nation are with the Victims of this useless bloodshed. 

Nyantastani armed forces have mobilized for the Past month and amassed on the Ulfheimr border. They stand under direct command of Tin Wobec who already  set up an upstream command post.  To multiple Military experts, is this the largest combined military force of Nyantastan since the Argic wars. Multiple batteries of the   Artillerisystem 05 were already set up.  CA R12´s were also seen. Huge Logistics chains have been established, and the Region is quickly becoming one of the busiest areas in the Commonwealth. People are worried if this show of force may be a bit too much, but today Mr. Akamura insured that this is only to scare Ulfheimr from further aggression. Whilst, experts offer a different Opinion of an Invasion force. The Ministry of Defence hasn't answered our Request for further Information.

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The sound of an old typewriter echoes through the abandoned office building. It is a beautiful autumn evening for writing. The wind makes soft rain patter against the windows and the soothing tock tock of the typewriter envelops the office in a wonderful atmosphere. Sitting in front of a computer is a man who fits the stereotype of a journalist from the 30s. His old-fashioned hat lies beside him and his coat hangs askew on his chair. A warm soaked steams away while the reporter writes an article. The sound of the typewriter is generated by an application on his computer and although the journalist is not a smoker, he chews on a cigarette stub. 

In a kind of soliloquy, the figure speaks out what he puts on paper.

The conflict between Ulfheimr and Nyantastan seems to be a clear line, but there is evidence that there is a greater purpose behind it.

Behind the end of each line you hear the zing. That is typical for writing machines.

It is likely that Akamura and his entourage are planning something larger. This war, which can be justified and is by no means against innocent people, nevertheless seems to be the product of a larger plan. In the course of the last months not only several Jarle have arrived from Ulfheimr. Especially those from the border regions. Several transporters have also been spotted shuttling back and forth between individual tribes and various stations in Nyantastan. On request from our side, the whole thing was not commented in order not to give any information to the enemy. If you ask me, this is an excuse beyond compare. After longer research and a small not quite authorized excursion into some archives I could find a connection between Ulfheimr and Nyantastan. The illegitimate child of the emperor was kidnapped by Ulfheim barbarians and the whole thing was accepted and swept under the carpet. 

The reporter collects his thoughts for a moment and sips his drink. 

This means that the imperial throne is entitled to Ulfheimr, or parts of Ulfheimr are entitled to the imperial family. Furthermore, I have been thinking about what could happen politically for Chancellor Akamura to start a war and take over parts of Ulfheimr. Except the politically advanced motives like human rights, financial growth and the expansion of the borders. After a few excursions I found out what he is up to. To this day, there is a point in the Constitution that everyone ignores because it was too unimportant to change. But this point will herald the end of an era should the right circumstances be rifled. There stands the following dear readers. In the event of a war of aggression in which the enemy's lands are annexed, the Emperor or his descendants have the right to incorporate these lands into Nyantastan.

Interesting, isn't it? But also unimportant, Nyantastan is allowed to annex the lands in spite of everything, isn't it? Yes, it can, if the Emperor and his descendants agree to it. As already mentioned however and now it becomes exciting.

If no descendant of the emperor or the emperor himself sits on the throne, the last legitimate pretender to the throne must be found and reinstated. 

As you can see, this paragraph comes from the time of the first Argic War. This was intended to extend the power of the Emperor and cement his position. 

And now guess who could take advantage of this, dear readers?

Correct! Akamura is a descendant of the emperor and could theoretically use this paragraph to proclaim himself emperor, king or whatever. Whether Represntativ or not we do not even know. And think further. A war unites the population behind him. He finds or already has friends in the army and over night we could become an empire! Dear readers how can it be that no one has yet discovered this paragraph? Or reported about it? Do you think that is a coincidence? I think that I have something big..... 

The office suddenly became dead silent because the lights suddenly came to life and without the latter noticing it, he was flanked by two People in completely dark blue clothes. The color of the clothes ensured that they were perfectly merged into the darkness. A woman in her mid-30s stepped into the now bright office and had a smile on her lips.

"Ah Mister Shinzo if I remember correctly." the dramatic pause was only followed by a tense swallow from the journalist. He knew that these people belonged to the hidden ones.
The secret service of the country. But this secret service and especially the department that stood before him should not exist. He himself had only heard rumors about them and he was the best journalist in Nyantastan. Well, with the best contacts and a penchant for unconventional information gathering.

The lady who was now standing in the room without that continued speaking. "We have learned that you have obtained some information that you should not have. Of course, we have already taken care of a few gaps and I want to make you a special offer."

He knew what he was about to hear. Shinzo had always been good at gathering information. The journalist would be useful in domestic service. But he also knew what would happen if he refused...

Early in the morning the editors entered their office as usual, there was no sign that anyone had been here during the night. And the head of the Commonwealth Guardian received Shinzo's resignation a few days later.



Hey guys for this post I tried a diffrent style. And also open up a possibility to change my country later down the road. I hope you like the somewhat newbish try of a Book like story with a little twist. I know it's a little fetched but hope I seems plausible would be happy about feedback. Excuse typos all written on my phone 

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Operation Swift Defender

Monthly Military Exercice 


The nation of Nyantastan is currently conducting a large-scale military exercise, involving thousands of troops and a wide range of equipment. The exercise, which is being called "Operation Swift Defender," is intended to test the readiness and capabilities of Nyantastan's military forces.

The exercise began with a massive mobilization of troops, who were transported to a remote training area by air, land, and sea. Once in place, the troops began a series of simulated combat scenarios, designed to test their ability to respond to a wide range of threats.

The exercise also involves a significant amount of equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles, and fighter jets. These assets are being used to support the troops on the ground, providing them with the firepower and mobility they need to succeed in the simulated combat scenarios.

In addition to the military personnel and equipment, the exercise also involves a large number of support personnel, including medical teams, logistics experts, and communications specialists. These support teams are essential to the success of the operation, ensuring that the troops have the supplies and support they need to complete their mission.

The exercise is expected to continue for several weeks, and will involve a wide range of training scenarios, including air and ground attacks, amphibious landings, and urban combat operations. At the end of the exercise, Nyantastan's military leadership will review the results and assess the readiness of the country's armed forces.

While the size and scale of the military exercise currently being conducted in Nyantastan is impressive, it is important to remember that the quality of the troops and equipment is more important than the quantity.

In today's complex and rapidly changing security environment, it is no longer enough to simply have a large number of troops and weapons. To be effective, a military must be well-trained, well-equipped, and well-led.

Having a large number of troops and weapons may be impressive, but if they are not properly trained and equipped, they may not be able to effectively respond to the challenges they face. In contrast, a smaller, but well-trained and well-equipped military force can be more effective and better able to defend the nation.

In addition to the quality of the troops and equipment, the leadership of a military is also critical. Good leaders are essential to the success of any military operation, as they provide the vision, guidance, and direction needed to achieve the mission.

Overall, while the size of a military force may be impressive, it is the quality of the troops, equipment, and leadership that truly matters in ensuring the effectiveness and readiness of a nation's armed forces.

Thus Nyantastan starts Monthly Military Exercieses and wishes stronger Cooperation with its Allied Nations for example @Iverica.  The Nation thinks overall, by investing in training, equipment, leadership, and partnerships, the Nyantastani military can continue to improve and ensure that it is ready and able to defend the nation and maintain peace and security. 


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As tensions continue to rise in between @Ulfheimr and Nyantastan, many civilians are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of  war. In response, many especially close to the Border are making the difficult decision to flee their homes and seek safety in neighboring Nyantastan.

For these refugees, the decision to leave everything behind and make the dangerous journey to Nyantastan is not an easy one. Many have to travel long distances on foot, carrying only what they can carry. Others are forced to make the journey by boat, risking their lives on overcrowded and often dangerous vessels.

Upon arriving in Nyantastan, many refugees are taken to camps where they can receive assistance and support. Here, they receive food, shelter, and medical care, as well as support from humanitarian organizations and the Nyantastani government.

The situation remains uncertain, and it is unclear if the  conflict will escalate. In the meantime, Nyantastan is doing its best to accommodate the influx of refugees.

For the refugees, the future remains uncertain. They have left behind their homes, their possessions, and their loved ones in search of safety. Now, they must navigate the challenges of life as refugees in a foreign land, hoping for a better future for themselves and their families.

The government of Nyantastan has expressed its support for the refugees fleeing from the brutal regime in Ulfheimr. In a statement, Chancellor Akamura called on more civilians to flee the Barbaric and Primal Nation and seek safety in Nyantastan before it is too late.

The statement emphasized the need for civilians to escape the violence and Barbarism in Ulfheimr, and noted that Nyantastan is doing its best to accommodate the influx of refugees. The government pledged to provide food, shelter, and medical care to those who have fled Ulfheimr, and to work with humanitarian organizations to support the refugees.

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 Iverican and Nyantastani Troops Execute Brilliant Ambush, Achieve Decisive Victory over Ulfheimr Forces

 April 14th 2023

 Astrid Norling

 Nyantastan, Arkos



In a stunning display of strategic brilliance and tactical coordination, @Iverican and Nyantastani forces successfully executed a meticulously planned ambush against Ulfheimr tank battalions. The joint operation, led by seasoned commanders, showcased the exceptional skill and precision of the Lioness of the North and her Karoliner troops, cementing their reputation as formidable warriors.

The engagement unfolded at Highway 450, where the Ulfheimr forces had amassed in preparation for a major offensive. Seizing the opportunity, Iverican tank divisions launched a ferocious assault, catching the unsuspecting enemy in a pincer movement. With lightning speed and expert maneuverability, the Iverican tanks struck hard, inflicting significant damage before swiftly withdrawing from the battlefield.

While the Ulfheimr forces regrouped, Nyantastani artillery units sprang into action. Their accurate and relentless shelling targeted the remaining enemy forces, causing chaos and further weakening the Ulfheimr's ability to counter the impending assault.

Amidst the smoke and chaos, the roar of helicopters pierced the air as the Lioness of the North and her elite Karoliner troops descended upon the battlefield. With unrivaled precision and unwavering determination, they swiftly neutralized the remaining Ulfheimr infantry. The Lioness, a renowned warrior and strategic genius, led her troops from the front, inspiring fear in the enemy and rallying her soldiers to victory.

The aftermath of the battle painted a scene of triumph for the Iverican and Nyantastani forces. The Ulfheimr tank battalions lay in ruins, their offensive ambitions shattered, and their morale crushed. The well-coordinated ambush had effectively neutralized their armored strength and dealt a severe blow to their military capabilities.

The successful operation not only showcased the military prowess of Iverican and Nyantastani forces but also highlighted the strength of their alliance and the unwavering determination to safeguard their shared values and interests. The strategic genius of the commanders and the skill of the soldiers involved have underscored the effectiveness of their collaboration and set a new standard for joint military operations.

As the dust settles, the Lioness of the North and her Karoliner troops stand as symbols of victory and unity, embodying the indomitable spirit of Nyantastan and its commitment to peace and security. The decisive triumph over Ulfheimr forces serves as a testament to the resilience and unwavering determination of the Nyantastani people, who continue to stand strong in the face of adversity.

The victory against Ulfheimr marks a significant turning point in the ongoing conflict, paving the way for further advances and the eventual integration of Ulfheimr into the Nyantastani fold. As the Lioness of the North and her forces regroup and prepare for the next phase, the wurld watches in awe and anticipation, witnessing the rise of a power that blends strategic brilliance, unmatched firepower, and unwavering resolve.





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