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An Exterior Threat

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The Central Office, ADI HQ

Somewhere in Moskovo, United Kingdom of Ahrana

The central office was filled with loud commotion a hectic aura filled the entire room. It had been sometime since the Central Office was in such a manor if dismay across the board. Every desk with at least two people were looking at computer monitors trying to figure out something on what it was they were all looking at. Was it a bomb? Or was it a machine? No one truly knew except one person, who was in the in the main office that overlooks the Central Office. The Office of Director-General, that was the office where the answers laid. Director Core had set everyone a task in the Central Office, more of a test than anything else to see the preparedness of the ADI Agents in the Central Office. So far, she was not impressed but more displeased with how the agents were acting and how slow they were progressing. She hit a button that turned off all electronics in the Central Office except her Office and stepped out her door:

Central Office Agents, our response time to these things need to be quick and rapid. Today, that was not the case. We were slow to recognize this threat and to assess this threat, we can do better, and I know we can! So, tomorrow bring your A-Game to the Central Office because we need to start succeeding at these simulations. Now, everyone to work please. We have work to do.

Core stepped back into her office and pressed the Electronic shut down button to turn everything back on. She sat down at her desk and saw her reports for the day. One that caught her eye was the EC-11 Report that was only a few days old. She opened the report and started reading the report. As she read the report, she stopped in the middle of reading and closed the folder and started packing a few things into her briefcase. She called down to the reception and asked for a car to be brought around for her.

She grabbed a few more things then got the briefcase and headed out her office heading down the stairs to the lobby. As she entered the lobby a secretary came to her and walked with her to the car. As Core got into the car the Secretary got in the car after her and shut the door. 

Please take us to the Presidium Building primarily the Federal Chancellors wing of the building please on a level one priority.

Since the ADI is the Senior Intelligence Division and has some Law Enforcement Capabilities according to the Security Acts and Laws passed by Parliament, the Level One Priority gives the ADI Agent of Director-General the ability to drive on the streets of the Kingdom using Blue Lights and siren to the destination. As the car zoomed out of the ADI Parking lot the driver turned on the sirens and lights and started speeding across the capital to the Presidium Palace which is roughly ten minutes away from the ADI Central Office, but on Level One it was more like four minutes. 

As they arrived at the Presidium Building, they went to the west wing still on level one priority till arrival. Once they entered the gates the siren was turned off, but the lights remained on. Core went to get out and told the drive to remain near and turn the lights off and be prepared for a cross country travel. As Core and the Secretary got out and walked into the building, they were met by the Chancellors Aid which told them the Chancellor was in a meeting. Core responded by saying:

Well, she was in a meeting now she is not this takes priority tell her its EC-11 Section Alpha Julia. She'll know. Better hurry up and get there before I do.

The Chancellor Aid ran to the aid desk and called the Chancellor quickly, and by the time Core got to the Chancellors Door it opened and in she walked with her secretary.

Chancellor, we need to talk about this quickly as I leave immediately to the border in regard to this specific report. You should have a copy of it somewhere in your office, as it was sent to your office, mine and the Diarchs Office. 

Very well, you're here let's begin.

Alpha Julia has stated in this report that the Delta have taken full control of Xavier for the last fifty years and now they have the unanimous support to do what they want to do. In the report it was stated that the percentage of risk in regard to us was 95% which was higher than expected. Alpha Julia has an advantage in the doings of Xavier and the cover remains intact and no alarms have been raised currently. Alpha Julia is also sending a packaged to the area for us to retrieve that has more information. I will also be issuing Alpha Julia more orders tonight upon my arrival to the West Central Office if there are no objections?

Agreed, recover the package and continue with the current path laid before us for Alpha Julia. If any alarm is raised extraction must and will happen.

As they nodded to one another Core turned and left with the Secretary and headed the way they came in. As they walked out to the car and got in the car the driver sped off quickly heading out of town west to the border with Ahrana and Dniester.


To be continued...

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