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Ideology Flags

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Way back in March 2020 while browsing Reddit and DeviantArt, I came across this gallery of "ideology flags" by Szjuski.

The idea behind these "ideology flags" is: you take the flags of countries, and change them to represent the same country under different governments or ideologies.

  • Republic — "Republicanism is an undefined ideology that wants to get rid of any monarch or autocratic systems in favour of a republic."
  • Communism — "Communism is the end goal of all socialist systems, it is the stage at which the state is dissolved, and the workers have taken full control over all. Capitalism and the state have been abolished and replaced with localist communities of liberated workers. Stateless, Moneyless, Classless, Society."
  • Fascism — "Fascism, also Ultranationalism, sees the state, and it's culture at threat and wants to preserve the nation and it's traditions to the highest degree possible. For that, it believes, a strong authoritarian leader is needed, whom will guide the state into past traditions and preserve ethno-racial purity."
  • Monarchy — "(Absolute) Monarchism is an ideology in which the republican and democratic ideals of Constitutional Monarchism are completely abolished in favour of an all-powerful monarch, which leads the state as if it were the Middle Ages."
  • Theocracy — "Theocracy is a system of governance where a religious figure takes full control of the state in order to guide it towards religious values so that all citizen may be saved and brought to the light of god."
  • Military State — "A Military Dictatorship is a form of governance in which the military has taken full control of the state and directly rules it under an authoritarian system."
  • Syndicalism — "Syndicalism is a movement for transferring the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution to workers' unions."
  • Technocracy — "In a Technocracy, the government, society or industry are controlled by an elite of technical experts."
  • Plutocracy — "A Plutocracy is a state or society governed by the wealthy, an elite or ruling class whose power derives from money."

So I had a go with my own flag and made these variants.


If you want to have a go at re-imagining your flag, here is a simple template. If you're looking for inspiration, over on Wikipedia, there's a long and organised list of political flags that displays plenty of themes. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Political_flags


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