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Mahanan Government Announce 2023 Target.

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The Road Dilemma
In a statement this morning Ranju Bastola, current Prime-Minister and Head of Government in Mahana, announced the plan to improve the road systems in Mahana, with a goal of making up to 60% of Mahana's most used roads into concrete by the end of 2023. The decision came as huge complaints from tourists and citizens left the government with little choice but to make a promise to make a change.

Some believe this has come due to fears that the transport industry and roadworks are harming tourism, the leading sector in the country. Roadworks will begin as soon as next month in order to get the project undergoing, with the government set to spend up to $5 billion in the coming months alone.

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Bastola pledges record $3.2 Billion to the road dilemma in Mahana

Prime-Minister Ranju Bastola, following up on his statement in January, has announced the full governmental plans in Mahana for the upgrade to the national road and transport systems, which have been a problem in the nation for over 30 years. 

The highlighted area of the plan was the pledge to spend over $3.2 billion to improving the roads and building a central road system that the nation currently lacks.

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