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Kharai Ka-Dai [Kharai Academy RP]

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“Hello everybody! I’m Mariana Phatsakon, and welcome back to RNN. Today we will be talking about the popular martial art of Kharai, Kharai Ka-dai. Joining us on the show is tenured professor at Shantawaddy university, expert in Kharanese military history, professor Channarong Lohavichan.” The audience applauded as a man walked out in an extremely tight suit, and bright red tie. 

“Thank you for having me on the show, Mariana, I’m very grateful.” Mariana laughed, 

“Welcome to the show. So, tell us. What is Kharai Ka-dai.”

“Well, Mariana, Kharai Ka-dai dates back to the formation of Khajaputra, and the formation of the kingdom from the warring city states. Kharai Ka-dai was a style of fighting used by soldiers. Skip a couple of thousand years, and it is not recreational. Who would have thought.”

“So, how does Kharai ka-dai work.” 

Channarong took a sip of water, “Well Mariana, there are two people, each wearing thick plastic boots, that takes a lot of strength to lift off. Only punches, blocks, and pokes are allowed. Usually it is fought with fists, though sometimes with staffs.”

“That sounds awesome! Now, how do you win.” 

“You win by pulling someone down, and double punching them on the back, and then in the stomach.” 

“Seems rather complicated, how do you do that?”

“Let’s say you punched directly at me. I could grab your fist, pull you over and down, and then punch you.”

“That’s so interesting! So tell me, in the wurld stage as Kharai and neighboring countries fight with the corrupt democracy that is our presidential system, in the rise of popularity of fascism, or a new theocratic republic, how would Kharai Ka-dai be viewed.” The crowd went silent, as Mr. Lohavichan took another drink of water.

“Well, modern day Kharai Ka-dai besides being used as a recreational activity, holds significant importance to the Aludhamma religion, and is performed during many ceremonies. Chances are if Kharai were to descend into a theocracy similar to our neighbors, Kharai Ka-dai could be seen as an enemy, or patriotism. I think as the majority of this country is Raqi however, there is definitely a lot of distaste towards Kharanese identity, and Kharai Ka-dai could be seen as an outlet.” The crowd was deathly silent. Channarong took another sip of water. 

“…well…that’s all we have time for folks. See you next time on KNN!” 

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