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[Vision Statement] Dominion of Kōri-Chi

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The Ice Gem of the Seas (or the Empire? Which sounds better?): the Dominion of Kōri-Chi, a former colony which ascended to the status of Dominion in the early XXth century from its former colonial master, entering into a Commonwealth-like relationship.


It is an isolated geographically nation (surrounded by water), with a great Siberian-like percentage-wise composition of the nation, with a part of the nation where a great % of the population is concentrated as it is favourable to the development of crops/rice (think of it a bit like Japan, Hokkaido versus Tokyo region in terms of climate and population); however those Siberian-like regions have some resources (no idea what yet) underdeveloped for now.


It has a really high organised crime rate; massive economic inequalities; rather middle GDP per capita (so a bit under IRL PRC/China); a greatly politicised military (organised into two factions: navy versus army, like IRL Empire of Japan); culture-wise it’s a mix of Japanese/Korean and the former colonial power; Monarch/Emperor is venerated as God (maybe? Depends on how things are with the former colonial power); foreign policy-wise, it aligns with its former colonial master.

RP vision

Regarding RP, it’ll be mostly around fight against organised crime and corruption; parliamentary debates; economic development; infrastructure development; and just like any other nation I’ve RPed in the past, I’m open to any sort of RP that may arise, or I consider as nice to do. Its economy would be around mostly fishing; pharmaceutical and healthcare. However, prerequisite to all of that: finding a former colonial master who I may RP with (because need him/er for setting at the start of most things), so, yup.

Point allocation

4 points out of 4 towards land area.

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