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Grand Theft Island Nanubard Stories

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Hvalavik's Origin


Almost a month (Ateenian month) after Halvar discovered the island of Hvalaeyja, near the end of Sólmánður, him and his crew prepared to set out again to return to the island, accompanied by another ship, the "Sjódreki", a vessel far bigger then that of Halvar, a ship that could carry trice the number of people as "Embla" could. The ship belonged to jarl of Osarvik Ivar Olafsson, which he sent to accompany "Embla" on Halvar's journey to settle his newfound island and he appointed his brother, Fiske Olafsson to captain the ship aswell lead the fleet while having Halvar by his side, guiding him.

With the blessing of the Jarl, the fleet of those two ships, set sail to find the island once again, sailing through the icy sea to east. Because the long warm period of the year was at its end, the path was safer, with most of the icebergs and drift ice having either completely melted or decreased in size. The fleet passed through the icy sea without the need of pulling up the sails to maneuver through the ice, and reached the island by next morning. Upon reaching the island, the fleet sailed around the islands southern coast, to find a suitable place to land, hoping to find trees but they found nothing but ice, snow and a little grass. While being surprised to not spot the natives of the island, they saw last time, they eventually decided to land in a cove which had herd of walruses nesting near the entrance.

Upon making landfall, the crew dismounted their equipment and began setting up a camp which was to serve them while they built a longhouse, using the materials they brought from Ateenia with the ships. It took them 6 weeks to finish building the longhouse, which marked the beginning of the settlement of Fisvik that later grew to become a more permanent settlement named Hvalavík. Upon finishing the longhouse, the crew of "Sjódreki" set sail back to Osarvik to gather more materials for both the construction of a dock and small temple for the gods. The crew of "Embla" used the opportunity to go whale hunting in the seas around the settlement to prove to Fiske, upon his return, why the settlement was worth the effort. 


They spent the rest of the warm period of the year on setting up the dock and the temple aswell as a storage area for meat of both whales and walruses, where they would be protected from the wildlife. When the first winter cold arrived once more, the crew spotted the natives sailing past the cove in a large fleet of boats, counting atleast 100 boats. The locals themselves did not notice the settlers or atleast didnt make it apparent. Settlers, themselves started wondering if they should return home for the winter, after seeing that not even the natives spend the winter on the island, they started to question the permanence of the settlement. As it became colder and colder, many of the settlers stood up to Fiske, demanding that they return to Osarvik for the winter and return next summer, however their demands were met with deaf ears as Fiske, having dreams of becoming the jarl of this new place, did not want to give up on the island so easily and thus refused to return home. Days went on as it became so cold that the fireplace could barely keep the longhouse warm while the firewood stockpile was becoming smaller and smaller, Halvar and his crew gathered all those that wanted to leave the island and asked Fiske to come to reason, Fiske alongside a dozen or so men and women that stayed by his side, refused to give up on the island and asked for these desires to end. Halvar and his people began threatening that if Fiske will not come to reason, they will take the ships anyway and leave them behind. Fiske, enraged by these threats demanded everyone to calm down and then continued to ramble together a speech on why it was important to stay united in these hard and early times of this new settlement.

By the next morning, Fiske found the ships to be gone, leaving him and his people behind to freeze on the island after Halvar and his people sneaked off with the ships in the cover of the night. At the beginning of the next year's warm period, Halvar and 2 other ships returned to the island, finding the longhouse barely standing, with most of the walls having been stripped and used as firewood. Inside the longhouse, the corpses of Fiske and his people sat in a corner, all clumped together, trying to keep themselves warm until the cold took their last breath. Halvar granted them an honorable funeral, burning their corpses so that their souls may finally be broken free from the prison of their bodies and released to afterlife.

The settlement itself lived on as Halvar continued to help build the settlement from a mere longhouse into a proper village, containing over a dozen houses that could offer shelter for the whale hunters during the warm period and as years went by, Halvar grew old, eventually dying on the island 7 years later, being injured fatally by a walrus, during their hunt on walruses.


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Nanuvat meet Hvalavik

On a cold morning, during the 2nd day of Sólmánður, the inhabitants of Hvalavik were preparing for their stay on the island for yet another summer. Eleven winters had passed since the island, alongside its many beauties and thousands of seals and walruses which inhabit it, was first settled and it's town Hvalavik was built. Ever since then, the small whaling settlement has grown into a proper town, albeit a temporary one and has grown to see more traffic each year with the island growing more and more popular throughout mainland. It had grown so popular, that last year lured up to 1000 settlers to the island, with the settlement's small port being used by over 20 ships, all of which carried thirsty and tired sailors that were just barely housed by the Inn that was built at the 3rd summer of the town. By the twelfth summer, the town had grown big enough that it could house up to a thousand people at once, having a few dozen houses for settler's to live in, a temple dedicated for the gods and a few shops and inn's which offered services to the hunters. 

Inhabitants of Hvalavik were interrupted from their busy preparations, when they noticed that they were being watched from the hills east of the town. Natives of the island, who hadn't bothered the Ateenian's since their last confrontation with Halvar's crew 12 winters ago, were once again revealing themselves to the settler's with their unknown motives. Eventually a small party of Nanuvat walked down from the hill towards the town, expecting to talk with someone who represented Ateenians. His expectations were met with disappointment when no one stood up to represent the town, because the town was governed by no one and the hunting crews were not led by a single person. Silence endured until Kettil Kalinka, distant cousin to king Rangvald Kalinka, stood up from the crowd and moved to the front, reaching his hand out to the Nanuvat for a handshake, to which the Nanuvat did not respond with his own arm but instead tried to speak with Kettil, but was hindered by the language barrier when Kettil made it clear, he does not understand what he is trying to say. Attempts to communicate continued but fruitlessly until a Nanuvat woman skied down from the hill to try her own hand at communicating, but unlike her companion, she could speak Ateenian. She asked her companion to take over and then proceeded to talk with Kettil in Ateenian.

"Greetings, my name is Ticasuk, this is my chief Apaata of the Nanuq tribe" she continued, pointing at the man next to her.
"Oh you speak our language?" Kettil mumbled before continuing to introduce himself. "I am Kettil of the Kalinka dynasty, cousin of king Rangvald of our Kingdom of Ateenia. You stand in his settlement of Hvalavik on his island of Hvalaeyja."
"His island? This is our island, alongside five other islands of Avannqikiqtaq. Our people have hunted on her soil for generations, land that is blessed with its bountiful wildlife, with its many puisi (seals) and arfeq (whales) that live around these great islands that the goddess Tanaraq has blessed us with. I do not see how this belongs to your Ateenia."
"I do not see how this is your island, it was uninhabited when our people first came to these lands 11 winters ago, lands that Halvar found thanks to the divine guidance of the gods. All we found here were was seals and walruses, nobody else."
"Im sorry but this is nonsense, my people have watched you since your people first came to these lands, my people even drove your people out one time, when your people would not leave as we asked and would instead tell us to leave. This island was ours 11 winters ago and it was ours 100 winters ago, this island has belonged to the Nanuvat since the ice spirits first withdrew from these lands, since the ancient times when my people were still a small people. My people will not stand by as you take our island from us, we will not let you take the land that feeds us!"
"I see, I wish to extend my apologies then, but our people are already here and we have spent sweat and tears to build what we have, we will not give it up so easily. I must ask that our people's co-exist on this island. I cannot decide anything more however and must take this to the king so he may decide with his council but I hope that our people can both live on these lands in peace." Kettil finished before walking back to the Inn.
"SO YOU COME TO OUR LANDS! YOU BUILD YOUR HOUSES ON OUR SOIL! YOU HUNT OUR FOOD! AND YOU ASK US TO NOT PROTECT OUR HOME? You want us to just let you take over what belongs to us?" Ticasuk said in anger before the chief of the tribe told something to her after which she finished "We will meet again very soon."
The tribe of Nanuvat then started moving away from the village and after only a few minutes, they were gone.

The people of Hvalavik, who were hearing the conversation with great interest, continued to their daily tasks, some with fear and others with laughter. One thing was certain, the Nanuvat were not happy about the Ateenian presence and as such some of the settlers believed that their town was in danger, so they began preparing for an attack. Kettil, after having risen to be the representative of the town by speaking for it, set sail back to Atha, where he was to discuss the recent events with the king and his council.

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Weeks later, Kettil had set sail to return to Hvalavik with a ship full of the king's retainers who Kettil was given command over. During the time he was away, the settlers had begun building defenses all around the settlement, setting up traps and barricades in preparation for the feared attack by the Nanuvat which was implied to happen in near future. Houses were covered in piles of snow to protect them from fire, ships were forced to stay docked to secure a way to retreat, should the Nanuvat overwhelm the settlement. Settlers were instructed to stay armed and ready at all times, to limit the surprise effect the natives could inflict upon attack. 

Once Kettil's longship arrived to the entrance, leading to the bay of the settlement, he was greeted by multiple totems sitting atop of the cliffs surrounding the cove, dedicated to Jorling, the god of strength and battle, who watched over Hvalavik through these totems, protecting the settlers. Upon landing on the beach, with the vessel, Kettil was greeted by an old man named Ingemar Keldsson, appointed as the town elder by the settlers shortly after Kettil departed, thanks to his knowledge in trapmaking and setting up defenses. They continued on to the town, where Kettil inspected the defenses that had been set up as well as ones that were still being set up. They eventually made it to the town square, which looked more like a town circle then a square, houses had been built side by side each other to form a circle around the center where a monument stood tall, having been dedicated to Halvar and his crew in respect for their discovery of the rich island. There the town elder filled lord Kettil in on all the measures taken to protect the settlement, both visually and verbally by pointing at the houses buried in snow. After Kettil was fully briefed on the measures, Ingemar and the lord continued to his house, where lord Kettil was offered shelter for the duration of his stay.

When the sun was at it's lowest, Kettil decided to sneak out for a walk around the town, eventually finding himself on a hilltop overlooking the colony. There he took in the view over the cove and the land as a whole, reaching as far as the eye could see, standing, thinking about all sorts of things before finally getting caught in a single thought. He started wondering how a native of the island was able to speak and understand Ateenian so flawlessly when the island had previously not been on a single ancient map of the kingdom, even the maps of Yetlandi had nothing but ocean this far north. The first and only interaction between the two people did not include dialogue and his memory could not recall a single mention of the Nanuvat. How could anyone of their kind speak a language they haven't heard. His thought's were cut short by a sudden hit to his skull, knocking him unconscious.

Upon waking up, he found himself sitting in a ice structure with only a single exit, sitting on the skin of a seal. He noticed Ticasuk cooking something, on a stone container.
"What is that?" He asked.
"No, what is that awful smell?"
"Eqalussuaq. Shark I believe your people call it."
She handed him a bowl of shark meat which smelled like urine.
"Ough! Why does it smell like piss?"
"How else do you think we preserve it?"
"That is simply disgusting..."
"Stop being a meeqqat and eat."
He proceeded to take a bite out of the meat before spitting it out due to gagging.
"Tanaraq preserve you, you truly are weak." Ticasuk commented with a laughing tone.
"How can you people eat this?"
"It's really not that bad, we can't afford to be wasteful like you southerners in your stone houses"
"How did you..."
"My mother told stories of your people. She was one of you once, that is before she was exiled. She told me how she owned a house, surrounded by food which she made the ground give her. Sounds like magic to me." She told him, as she sat down.
"You mean farming?"
"If that's what you call this sorcery then yes." They sat in silence for a few seconds before she handed him a bowl of blood. "Drink"
"You are surrounded by snow which you could melt and yet you give me blood..."
"Why are you so picky? Even our meeqqat aren't this picky"
"Why do you keep comparing me with meeqqat? Whats a meeqqa?"
After being called a child, Kettil poured the entire bowl full of blood down his throat in protest, barely resisting the urge to puke.
"There you go, maybe aren't so weak after all." she commented with an impressed tone.
Kettil did not respond but was unable to hide the smirk on his face.
"Follow!" Ticasuck told Kettil, before picking up her bone spear and they both left the igloo.



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