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Tyrámen Stock Exchange to lower Velaherian rating

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After the Walnerian Central Bank owned and operated by the Government of @Walneria , recommended the Týrámen stock exchange to lower the ratings of the velaherian investment safety to an "F" and several companies subsequently withdrew their investments in major private and state owned sectors, the Velaherian Central Bank has issued an investigation checking the legitimacy of the lowering of the status of safety on investments. 

After a detailed discussion the Velaherian central bank has issued the bastarian stock exchange to issue some penalties on the walnerian investors who withdrew their investments from the velaherian stock market after the lowering of ratings.

 January 13, 2022

After the withdrawal of the investments and the seemingly biased lowering of safety of investments ratings by the Týrámen Stock exchange, The Bastarian stock exchange has issued penalties on investors who withdrew their assets from the Bastarian stock exchange, who would have their obtainable amounts of shares capped by the Velaherian stock exchange as a result of their illegal withdrawals after the lowering of ratings and the damages that has caused to the velaherian stock market and the financial apparatus of the state. 

The Velaherian Central bank further has issued an lowering of the credibility of walnerian investors and stock market analysists and as a result has stated that if they ever loan any sum or do any financial transactions with the Velaherian Central bank then, they would have to give greater amounts of taxes to the Velaherian government as a result of the recent decisions taken by the Central bank regarding the issue.

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Tamäj Köseg - Chief Consul of Stedoria
Zidôre-Vinçant Bonapåre - Stedorian Minister of Economics and Development

————— January 21st, 2022 (21.01.2022) —————

"Citizen Bonapåre."

"Citizen Köseg." Zidôre responded.

"I'm sure as you've already heard given the recent economic stir it caused, but Walneria's stock exchange has, in its apparent economic wisdom, downgraded Stedoria's economic safety rating to an 'F' in response to our announced actions against the terrorists, who, might I add, Walneria supports." Tamäj said, the annoyance in his voice clearly visible.

After the Walnerian stock exchange's downgrade, a small amount of economic turmoil had been created due to the withdrawal of assets by panicked Walnerian investors; Stedoria was slightly luckier than Velaheria, however, which had received the brunt of the economic damage, and thus had much more to lose. Despite Stedoria's luck in escaping higher economic loss than Velaheria, damage so soon before the in the midst of the election season was bound to affect the results of the election to some degree.

"Yes, Citizen Köseg, I've heard. However, I can assure you that the damage is indeed minimal, and we're already in the process of planning alleviation of the damage. For now, we've decided against any nationalisations or expropriations currently in order to calm investors. Furthermore, I believe it would be in our economic interests to close ourselves further with our fellow members of the ICEB so that we can attract more investors—be they state or private, with more friendly nations." Zidôre replied, his tone of voice suggesting a more optimistic outlook.

"Indeed. Whilst normally I'd support more aggressive economic retaliation against these parasitic entities, it appears that that isn't currently feasible. This, Citizen Bonapåre, is why the market is so unscrupulous; it thrives on parasitism—parasitism keeps people, enterprises, even nations, hostage with investments—it punishes people who act in favour of their nation and fellow man. We have acted in favour of our nation by planning to strike a blow at the terrorists, and in turn have been punished for it. What are we supposed to do, allow these terrorists to run amok, wreaking havoc on the countryside? This is going to cost us when the citizens go to the polls—we're still going to win, of course, but we cannot allow the opposition to grow. Please, prepare a statement to send to RTS—this should calm down the Walnerian investors somewhat, and we could win back some of the citizens’ votes. We shall reciprocate when the proper time comes."

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January 12-14, 2022

Iberic Banks and Equity firms had been one of the first to note the suspicious rating action. Both state banking and corporate entities often used web crawlers and data vendors to supply their Nowcast Analysts with information. Within hours of the news release, Iberic financials were abuzz and busy drafting contributor analysis of the situation and investment theses to justify would essentially be a snap-up of Velaherian shares which were now just floating in the wind and were dropping in value. And dropping fast.

The first alert had come from the data farming bots of Gyges Data Solutions and Palantira Innovations who recorded the open-source announcement of the ratings drop, the change in rating on platforms subscribed to Walnerian Stock Exchange ratings indices, and tracked the volume and transaction details from a Velaherian-Iberic brokerage entity which was required by law to file its data on open-source record with the Iverican Office of Securities and Exchange. News spread quickly.

Companies providing investment analysis were often subscribed to Gyges' product, Market Quotient and Palantira's Orb application. Silberman-Saxen and Estandard ét Paupre Glubal (E&P) were among the first to put out analyses to their clients the following day. Investment firms like Sant Ruis Venture & Equity, Magellan Venture & Equity Inc. and the Sternguard Group were among the first to act, immediately contacting their Velaherian based brokers to get ready. Capital flowed to broker accounts or transaction accounts licensed for Foreign Direct Investment. Traders' fingers were all but hovering over a buy order. Most held off waiting for the price to dip further before beginning a steady, averaged buy-in of as many shares as they could eat up before the wurld woke up to the opportunity. They would likely start their averaged buy-out within a week, with automated buy-orders ready to go once the close price was near a 52-week low.

Iberic financials at this point in time were pretty much flush with capital since most completed an early close of all Sunset Sea Islandian positions. Dry Powder was high and a lot of capital was in liquid or easily liquidated options at the moment. It would be a feeding frenzy. 

What made the opportunity so perfect was the fact that in the eyes of many foreign ratings providers, the change in (what was presumably) a short-term sovereign risk rating appeared to be arbitrary with an extremely high chance of authorities classifying it as suspicious or at least something worth investigation. A Velaherian border security deployment had been cited as the a key factor in the lowering of the Walnerian rating. Financially, this didn't appear to be a pose a risk to the Velaherian economy. The state would still likely be able to pay back its obligations after this and industries would likely remain unaffected. From the outsider's view, the lowered rating was punitive and didn't prove an increase in risk in Velaherian investments. Risk was relatively low for this class of stock and the price was dropping below the pegged value, creating a great opening to get in. There was also the off chance that buy-backs for the Walnerians would be suspended because of how suspicious a move to mass buy back stock in the next few weeks would be. Whether intended or not, there was a resemblance to short-selling that highly-regulated markets tended to be wary off. Though that was only an off-chance. It was quite possible that the Velaherians would do nothing at all, meaning only that Iberic traders would have to buy sooner.

Given the 10-year trends, buying into the undervalued stock would secure a hefty profit from a good long-position started during this downturn.




OOC: Kudos to Walneria for having this idea and starting a hot way to RP economic action. Hope we have more of these.

Just to have it on here, I've been pretty public about my interpretation of these events from an IC perspective. On discord, I've long ago secured permission from Velaheria to buy in (literally: OOC secured on 1/13/2022). The buyer during the Walnerian sell off was never defined, so it goes back to the most probable: sold back to to Velaherian entities, exchange, banks, or the issuer. Therefore, Velaheria's shares after they are sold. Iberics would then buy-in via broker or via FDI options available between governments. Velaheria and Iverica are engaged in trade so this would be precedented.

The basis of the most Iberic investment theses is theory that the ST Rating change is not backed by any evidence of increased risk in Velaheria. In addition, Velaheria's economic trajectory has been mostly positive. Given the growth they are/will be experiencing, the idea is that Velaherian stocks are already decent investments for their class and are made all the more attractive by the dump in value creating a very cushy entry point which would minimise risks to investors entering during the dump by a nice margin. TLDR: Iberics do not see any evident risk in the rating, therefore making a viable stock attractive to buy because of what looks like a short term market scare.


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