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Tyrámen Stock Exchange to lower Velaherian rating

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After the Walnerian Central Bank owned and operated by the Government of @Walneria , recommended the Týrámen stock exchange to lower the ratings of the velaherian investment safety to an "F" and several companies subsequently withdrew their investments in major private and state owned sectors, the Velaherian Central Bank has issued an investigation checking the legitimacy of the lowering of the status of safety on investments. 

After a detailed discussion the Velaherian central bank has issued the bastarian stock exchange to issue some penalties on the walnerian investors who withdrew their investments from the velaherian stock market after the lowering of ratings.

 January 13, 2022

After the withdrawal of the investments and the seemingly biased lowering of safety of investments ratings by the Týrámen Stock exchange, The Bastarian stock exchange has issued penalties on investors who withdrew their assets from the Bastarian stock exchange, who would have their obtainable amounts of shares capped by the Velaherian stock exchange as a result of their illegal withdrawals after the lowering of ratings and the damages that has caused to the velaherian stock market and the financial apparatus of the state. 

The Velaherian Central bank further has issued an lowering of the credibility of walnerian investors and stock market analysists and as a result has stated that if they ever loan any sum or do any financial transactions with the Velaherian Central bank then, they would have to give greater amounts of taxes to the Velaherian government as a result of the recent decisions taken by the Central bank regarding the issue.

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"What the fuck?" Minister McPhearson asked, his anger barely contained.

"The Walnerian government lowered their ratings..." an aide said tryign to explain again to the minister.

"Christ yes I know that. But what the fuck were they thinking? There's no economic reason for any of this bullshit."

The Deputy Minister of Trade, Sean Fearghas, had decided to make his appearance after McPhearson's outburst, "No... there isn't any reason for this. Except political."

Fearghas dropped a file in front of McPhearson, who quickly snatched it up and poured over the contents. He slammed the file down again staring up at Fearghas, "They decided to throw the entire region into economic uncertainty over a border conflict!? Jesus, not even a conflict the Walnerians are a part of, a matter between the Velharians and the Stedorians."

"Looks like that's the case. The real question is what we do from here. The local economic climate is in turmoil, investors are going every which way in the wind. What confuses them more is that Seylos hasn't made ratings adjustments in accordance with the Walnerians."

McPhearson threw up his arms, "And we bloody well won't! Nothing had changed! And now they've forced us into a corner without even bloody thinking about it."

Fearghas put his hand to his head, finally bringing it down, "So we don't have a choice then in this matter?"

"No," McPhearson replied his voice lower but still as angry, "We have to put Walneria on the list of nations who participate in active market manipulation. This isn't going to end well for anyone."


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