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Vision Statement - Greznea

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Point Allocation: 2 Economy, 2 Population, 0 Land

Separate Vision Statement:

The past of the Republic of Greznea is frought with strife, oppression and violence. Ruled under a fascist military junta for 200 years following a brutal civil war, the people of Greznea have long endured hardship, with millions killed under the regime, and starvation at its highest. The regime ruled with an iron fist, however it lasted so long not because of the fear surrounding it, but the policies it undertook outside the nation. Greznea had established positive relations with numerous nations, including its neighbor Ahrana during its nationalist rule, and so the overwhelming military and economic might facing those who opposed the regime was too great to resist, and the nation fell into a state of dystopia.

However, this state of distopia would be ended by the 2001 Flower-Flag Coup, which was carried out by a well-known political movement known as the Democratic Movement (GDM). This movement had support in all echelons of society, including the commander of the air force, Mr. Sormata. He, along with two allies, the chief of general staff and a former colonel named Mikhaeli Nykarovod, would seize power from the regime in an almost-bloodless coup in February of 2001, and would set up a transitional government with the aim of bringing the nation to democracy.

However, due to the deep-rooted systems of the former regime, many pro-regime politicians and officials were kept in power, as the coup did not have complete support, especially from the navy, and they had to maintain both legitimacy, and stability, to prevent the country from collapse. Though the still-growing economy and large population of the nation benefited the coup, many institutions were still pro-regime as a result of the political pressure, which significantly slowed the transition. This forced the transitional government to push back formal elections again and again as they slowly removed the pro-regime sentiments and maintained stability in a dangerous political game. However, in December of 2021, the government announced that elections will be held in February of 2022, marking the final end to regime rule in Greznea.

Today, Greznea sits in a carefully-cultivated bed of economic growth, political stability, and diplomatic recognization, with a large portion of Argic and Europan nations recognizing the newly-democratic state, and with the Kingdom of Ahrana now in restored, good relations with Greznea. Its economy has been restarted after the freeze during the coup, and has rapidly risen to become one of the largest in Argis, allowing the average Greznean citizen to see good social benefits, wide availability of employment, and numerous safety nets, with education, healthcare and other crucial human services at an all-time high in efficiency and quality. The political stage of Greznea, though still plagued by bipartisanship in the Assembly and unable to fully root out the regime, has centralized control to the President's office, and has established checks and balances suitable enough for the nation to finally be secure from future coups and political maneuvering.  The armed forces have been reformed, with conscription having been implemented by Land Defense Command, and annual training exercises and unit reviews helping maintain the high quality of the defenders of greznea.

The future of Greznea looks bright, however the current President, Mikhaeli, and his aides know this is not completely the case. As elections approach, political dissent from fascist groups both in the assembly and the general populous have begun to organize an opposing coalition to Mikhael's party, and many policymakers have expressed the fear that should the election fail, or should Mikhaeli push them back again, foreign intervention could destroy what Greznea seeks to achieve. Weapons trade with the communist Velaheria has caused outrage within the Assembly as well, with many publicly condemning the act of trading weapons with a nation that treats people like a resource. However, due to necessity, the administration has continued, which raises the possibility of further opposition in the Assembly during election day.

Greznea has resolved to pursue more expansive foreign relations, due to the fragility of the young republic. Should the nation be targeted in any way, or suffer another civil war or worse, or perhaps even economic stagnation (however unlikely), the administration knows that Greznea will succumb if it does not have the support of its neighbors and fellow nations overseas. So, it has begun reaching out to nations in G7, hoping to secure embassies, defense agreements, and mutual free trade relationships. The administration has also expressed the need for further economic and political reform, such as the establishment of an emergency economic protection fund, a restructuring of tax and foreign debts, and the reform of the electoral process.

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