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National Parks of Gotneska

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Welcome to the Official page about the Gothian National Park Agency, for short GNP.

We where created on the 1st January 1899, By King Christian IV and Prime Minister Jan Eriksson. The GNP was created 28 years after the first national park in Gotneska was created. The wurld famous Mount Eefje National Park. Located in the nations so called Fairy Mts. but officially the Kendovstrunmahhe Mountains


(OOC this topic will go over a single National Park and how and when it became a National Park. It will include things like best camping, hiking area and etc.)


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Mount Eefje National Park

Est. 22 April 1876



Mount Eefje is the first national park created in Gotneska, it is also one of the first ones created in the wurld. Mt. Eefje is a Stratovolcano. Meaning that its has more explosive eruptions but over longer periods of time.

The last major eruption happen in the Summer of 1786. Records of the eruption are very hard to come by as the mountain is in a area of historical very low human population. But there are some famous Folk tales that date back to 1300 AD. That have added to the overall history of how humans lived with the threat of this massive Volcano erupting.

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