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Baltica Military Purchase

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Modernize the Army!


Recently, the Anti Corruption Bureau of Baltica, uncovered a large web of corrupt generals and officers within the Baltican Army. Shockingly, General Yazas Bernas, the head of the Baltican Land army, has taken over 2.5 Billion Zedai, over the span of his 25 year career. Overall, over 136 members of the army have been arrested and are currently awaiting trial in the Federal Baltica court. 


Newly appointed General Irgis Geda, has since replaced former general Yazas. Unlike his predecessor, Irgis wanted to spend money. The Baltica army for years, has been lacking, with much of the still used vehicles and equipment being extremely outdated. Seeing how the previous administration had basically turned the military into a mercenary group, the first of many decisions was to retrain the entirety of the army, reform the command groups and fix the neglected garrisons and partially destroyed barracks throughout the nation. Up to 5.3 Billion Zedai (Around 40% of the newly selected military budget) is being solely dedicated to purchasing, researching and replacing equipment within the army. 


Currently the Baltica army has made agreements with both @Gallambria and @Ateenia, to achieve this goal. Gallambria has agreed to provide various vehicles for the land army, including but not limited to, 250 Parentie LPMV, 55 Karrek w/PC Modules, 35 Karrek w/MGS Modules as well as much more. A further 5 Panther GR5’s have also been purchased for the air force, and for military study, as well as various artillery pieces for garrisons and the mechanized army. 


With Ateenia, the army has decided to purchase 5 corvettes, to replace the 3 aging ones that haven't been in active use since 1995… These are but the first of purchases made by the Baltica to pursue Naval dominance within the great lakes. 


Although the Baltica army has been neglected for far too long, and subsequently lacked behind the rest of its neighbors, this decade is to be one of rapid growth and development among the forces, and a step closer to Balticas dream of eventually becoming the dominant power among the Great Lake states.

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