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[The Longest Railway] [trans-argic railway] Nyantastans Part

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It was a Cold Sunny day and the fresh Wind blows trough the Pine trees. Somewhere out on a Forrest Plain  2 Engineers are Standing in front of an Older Railway Track. A lot of track pieces and a way to long list on a clip board.


Jason: “So that is it?” He asked his Co Worker Sianna.  She already looked at her list than looked back at him.   “Yes and its Printed front to Back.”

“Ah no way” he scratches the back of his head. “You have to be kidding me. I mean our government is already strict but the TARA is just way over board.”  

She nods “But it’s for the safety of all the Trains. And… ah who am I kidding this is way to much. It’s a total of 18 Pages front to back. Just for this Section.” 

Jason sighs. “You mean we have to do this over 20 Times?” 

“21 Times Actually but that doesn’t matter.  You can be happy that we got the Shorter Part.”  

“Yeah, I feel so happy right now I could jump in the Air” He remarked ironically. Then he started checking the Old Railway

“As if it would be so difficult to upgrade that. No, they have to make it extra difficult. Just look here” With his Equipment he marked a Spot and already Measured the depth. “We have to Completely get that Digged up and refill it double the Hight.”

“And don’t forget the Special Aggregate they force us to use” Jason drops his head in disbelief nearly letting his Helmet slip of his head. “Maybe we should just resigned and wait for some Idiot who’s willing to deal with this Crap”

Sianna laughs shortly before correcting him “You know exactly that we are the Idiots that have to deal with this. But I agree these Rules are Way to harsh. It would be easier to Build an Entire Industrial Complex.”

“Yeah I would only need a Week for it! We will need 3 just to get done with the Basics”

“That’s something I want to see. But anyways it won’t help us being even more frustrated about it. Let’s see this Positively only 237 Point left to check.”

“Yeah I can really feel that Positivity” he remarks sarcastic before they get back to work.  

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