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The ADA and the Blockade of Kretia

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Deep within the uninhabited forests of Baltica, rests a hidden community of insurgence and rebel groups. They come from all strands of life, rich and poor, young and old, but they are all united by one common goal. Get the Dolch, Out of Baltica.


The first of these groups popped up in 1986, and have since grown ever more powerful within the confines of the forests and industrial hubs of the Ras settlements. The biggest of these groups is the ADA (Anti Dolch Alliance), a group first formed in the heart of Kretia, the most rebellious city in all of Baltica, during the re-emergence of Ras culture in the 90s. The ADA had for a while been snuffed out by the overwhelming forces of the White Storks (The Baltican Military Police) and as such couldnt form a good enough base of operations in urban settlements. 


Now that the military is scrambling after the recent corruption scandals of the Land army, the ADA has been given a brief moment of opportunity to finally expand out of the countryside and into their former home of Kretia. Having been emboldened by the recent death of Freedom Fighter Jonas Svedas, the ADA organised the first riot in Kretia since the Baltica coup in 1934. Young activist Gedrus Izas has been leading the recent riots, with his followers having led a city wide blockade of the Kretia Dock. Just like in Cidra, the military has stepped in to suppress the riots, but this time the rioters thought back. Many armed individuals used everything from assault rifles, to smgs and even high grade explosives to fight back the military. This unintentionally caused the military to return fire, and armoured vehicles to be rolled through the city in an attempt to establish control. Although currently the military is still in the process of securing control within the city, the Baltican Network Broadcast Agency was able to interview a local inhabitant of the city.

(Images from the Clash between Anti Riot Police and Rioters)


“When the rioters first began their blockade of the dock, I had high hopes. Although I wasn't much involved in the Ras movement, I thought that this attention on Kretia could help bring some real changes to the treatment of Ras and Dolch alike. However, when the military came in and the rioters began to actively fight back, I was horrified.”


“Has anyone you know been hurt during the riots ?”


“Yes. My good friend was one of the people employed at the dock. He was beaten half to death by rioters, and is still recovering in the hospital. My cousin, who works for the army, was assigned to garrison the city, and has told me stories of explosions and fires plaguing the lower half of the old town. The news constantly goes on about the rioters and the countless number of people who passed away because of them.”


“Is there anything you would like to say to the current rioters, and any of the people hurt by the recent emergence of violence ?”


“Please stop this violence, it will get us nowhere. If we let ourselves be separated by our petty squabbles we will all end up dead soon…”


With Cidra and now Kretia devolving to violence, the possibility of more riots is growing every month, the military might soon be rallied to completely put down these groups, once and for all.

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