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Request: {NPC} Island in the South Lake

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Seeing how the Southern great lake (Which is still currently unnamed) is pretty devoid of any actual value, I thought it would be interesting if we added something for the surrounding nations, including myself, @Fina and @Transbaltiato sort of fight over. My proposal is for a small island to be added to the lake, that will take the form of a neutral city state to be influenced by one of us for its resources, or act as a neutral grounds for our nations to do RP with. What I came up with is the City State of Osentia (Or Osentadt in Baltican Dolch), that would be situated between Transbaltia and Baltica. 


This Island would be small population wise, only having about 10-50 thousand inhabitants, but would be greatly influential, both for its strategic position in the lake, and its large ports, which could act as a repair and construction hub for naval vessels. Osentia would also be rich (GDP per capita wise), having many influential IT start ups, large companies and banks. I have written a short history (That may or may not be changed) and a proposal for a flag both shown bellow.

Island Mapspacer.png



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