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Great Xio's Map Application

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Thank you for letting me take care of this map request, @Xio. I understand it would obviously be rather odd if you'd handle your own map claim.

  • Stats. Looks alright.
  • Factbook. Another authoritarian state, much like Metztlitlalio. But this time it's on islands instead of in the mountains. I like the tie-in with first settlers from Azania. Cultural connections with the neighbouring state seem already established.
  • Culture. I have some uncertainties about the Minoan and Medieval Europe cultures. Do you mean to interpret these into a modern setting? For example: the Minoan Thalassocracy and the Medieval Hanseatic League.
  • Climate. You know the climate map better than I do, so this probably works out well.
  • History. Just out of curiosity: is there a long-term plan to claim the entire island chain? Or will you leave room for other players to enjoy the good island life?
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Re: Culture
Minoan and Medieval Europe cultures are for inspiration of the culture (I plan to take clothing styles and the palace-based ruling structure of Minoa as well as several theories regarding a possible pseudo-socialist organisation structure, and the guilds from Medieval Europe, as well as other ideas and concepts) but in-universe these would be independently created ideas within the Xio cultures.

For example, Xio doesn't call its guilds 'guilds' but they function similar to them as I was inspired by Medieval guilds, so using the word guild is an accurate short hand. I perhaps could've worded it better in my initial submission.

Re: History
I won't be taking the whole island chain, I already know Kirvina has his eyes on the islands south of my desired location and Mito (Shffahkia) the islands north of my desired location. Then the islands between Esonice and Mito to be lore-built as Japanese or Japanese-esque.

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That's what I expected from the con-culture. A little of this, and a little of that. If you and your future neighbours have already agreed on who will take which island, that will defuse any future disagreement like we've seen elsewhere. I'd love to see some more East-Asian cultures there, to tie a possible cross-oceanic network as well.

Green light for the map placement.

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Awkward, but I was thinking about swapping from the islands to the mainland, with these borders:

The land area (784,000 km^2) works more for my plans and ideas that I have for Xio (Guildlords, extensive mining, low population, poorer nation, arid climate, etc.). It also makes more sense for Xio's history of not being colonised outside of a couple port cities - as mostly desert and fractured coastline the empire would be more useful alive to keep the area unified and accessible for trade via port cities historically owned by Fulgistan and Seylos (with Kaseka still to the present day) than a colonial power trying to control the desert themselves.

I will also be switching my starter stats from 0/2/2 to 0/0/4 so that I can focus more on the rise of Xio's economy from LIC to MIC as my main ""story arc"" for the nation along with why centralisation is difficult for the empire in the modern day with the fractured coastal geography (where the heart of the Xi people would be). The desert/steppe climate can allow for an economy more like Metztlitlaca (which I still want to transfer over) and Burkina Faso works (though with a higher GDP per capita, but still one of the poorest states on Eurth).

The island off the coast will remain for the 2018 kerfuffle and for the city of Ngekwe (renamed Angwe) for an RP thread I have planned.

Edit: swapping some names because they're quite difficult for people to say and I should've leaned from Metztlitlaca that that only leads to confusion and annoyance.
Phaxwe → Pashae
Kaseka → Kaseka (staying the same)
Kxale → Xiseka
Angwe → Nakhoe

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