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[Kharai Academy RP] Fanatical Holiday

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The sound of music, the shining lights, and the crowded plaza. Today is a special day, the festival in which the people of Kharai celebrate, looking back at the past year, as well as looking towards the next year. Presents are shared, lights are hung up, and the people of Al-Thabir have gathered around the grand plaza to dance. Among the crowd is a girl named Il. She pushes past the crowd, searching for her mother. She bumps into someone who she doesn’t recognize. Il knew all the people on her street, but this person wasn’t one of them. His face was covered in fabric, and he wore an imperial uniform. She asked, “Can you help me find my family?” 


The officer responded, “ Sorry kid, we got bigger fish to fry. Our sources say there’s going to be an attack, you should probably leave.” 


All of a sudden, out of the crowd, a group of masked figures walked near the officer. The officer shouted for backup and more soldiers came to him. People shouted and screamed as the officers and masked figures pulled out guns. Il ran and ran. She tripped over something, falling to the ground. She looks at what she tripped over. It was her mother’s lifeless corpse. By the time Il got home, 30 people had died, 120 had been injured. Her mother was her only family, and now she was dead.


The imperial reign over Kharai has not always been good for people, and fanatics have joined militias to enforce their view on the outer provinces. Though the government has not been great, the militias have tortured, killed and threatened hundreds to help their cause. And the incompetent government refuses to help, instead imprisoning minorities and nomadic groups on the border.

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