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Off The Scales Safiloan Fishing Row Gets Dicey

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The Nation of Safiloa is usually unencumbered when it comes to foreign protests, however with the internal politics of the confederal theocracy getting more strained do to rising interethnic, inter-economic, and inter-religious conflict, and with the international outreach against Safiloa's anti-fishing policies, plant-based ethnic Sokhaineans - the dominant ethnicity in Safiloa - are seeking abroad for potential allies where there are none. With the @Ateenians sacrificing goats in front of several Safiloan embassies and now @Baltica and @Mevraqi citizens both protesting at Safiloa's embassies, the international friend-pool seems to do be finite.

The Gohulian Minister of Preservation has announced that the embassies in Ateenia and Baltica will be temporarily closed until the local governments can identify and assuage the security concerns that some of their citizens might potentially pose to Safiloan officials working abroad. All Safiloan citizens, of every ethnicity, are recommended to not visit Baltica or Ateenia until this uproarious splash has run its course.

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You are reading the abbreviated Anglish version


WARNING: You have entered a website that carries defamatory anti-Safiloan propaganda and is therefore forbidden within the national borders of the Sacrosanct Communal Republics of Safiloa, please leave immediately or be prepared to be prosecuted to the fullest length of the law.

- The Gohulian Ministry of Preservation

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