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[Kharai Academy RP] The Praying Boy

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While many nations have moved on, some cling onto the past. Such is the ancient religion of Kharai, Aludhamma. 


Among the shining lights of the city Al-Khabir in the pouring rain, lights gleaned over a young boy, a small orphanage in a part of town. He rushes up the steps of the great temple Al-Mazikha. He dashed through the great entrance, and is thankful that the temple is lit by a great fire in the center. The boy walks down a corridor to the office of the Dhammar, Alhad. Luckily for the boy, there is no line to see the great Alhad. The boy slowly opens the door to the Dhammar’s office and bows immediately. But there is no one there. Of course, the boy thought. Dhammar Alhad is leading a praying session at the moment, like he does every morning. The boy walks down a cold hallway, with ornate dragons and naga carved along the walls going up to the ceiling, where there was a window with a spot of golden sun shining in. The boy enters the prayer room and prays, sitting in a cross legged position and touching both hands together in a triangle towards his chest. Then he gets up, leaves the church, and goes back to his orphanage. He thinks to himself, 


I will try to see him the next morning, and the next day and the next. Once I see him, everything will be better.


He then added another line of chalk to his cluttered wall of white lines

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