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A Union United, Part 2

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With the Grand Duchy of Elde continuing to slowly integrate back into the Union the other Independent Ahranaian Crown Land, The Kingdom of Uppsund, has sent a delegation to the Federal Presidium Palace to formally ask for reintegration into the United Kingdom of Ahrana as a Member State. As it currently stands the Kingdom of Uppsund has been extremely prosperous for an Independent Nation since 1912.

The Economy of Uppsund is seen as an extremely great and powerful economy when compared to Ahrana and Elde. The Military is also a decent size with a Large Army and Air Force and a moderate Naval Fleet. However, the Royal House of Uppsund has no heir to the Throne as the current Queen has no child or brother to which can succeed her upon her death. Through the succession Laws in Uppsund the only eligible Heir to the Throne is the Diarchs of the Imperial Throne in Ahrana. So, this morning the Federal Chancellor received this Uppsundan Delegation, and another Delegation was sent to the Monarchal Palace before the Diarchs.

The current Uppsundan Queen has not been seen in public for over four months with the Royal Palace is citing, “For health reasons all Public Engagements and Official Meetings are permanently canceled until further notice.” The Diarchs have known about the Uppsundan Queen being ill and has sent a few relatives to check on Her Majesty but each time they’ve returned and have been approached for an interview we have been asked to respect the Imperial Families Privacy including their Aunts Privacy. So, as a news reporter we only think the worse and that is the Queen is dying. In due time however the Ahranaian Diarchs will release a statement on the Uppsundan Queens behalf explaining the situation.

After the Federal Chancellor met with the Uppsundan Delegation a news conference was called forth to which the Diarchs have agreed to at the Monarchal Place later today to which we will bring you coverage.

(Several Hours later)

We come to you live at the Conference Hall in the Monarchal Palace where we await an important announcement from the Federal Government and the Diarchs. Through speculation it is believed that this Press Conference has to do with the Uppsundan Delegation and the His Majesty the Queen of Uppsund a family member of the Ahranaian Imperial Family. As we wait here, we can confirm that the Uppsundan Delegation are still in the Ahrana and will be present at this press conference but will not be speaking, the Diarchs have decided that they will speak on behalf of the Uppsundan Delegation and Her Majesty the Queen of Uppsund. We have one Minute left before the conference starts so we will go silent for the remaining time for a quick break.

(The Break ends with the Clapping starting and the entire crowd stands for the Diarchs and makes a bow for respect)

Diarchs, Aleksandra:

“Thank you all for joining us on such short notice, I promise this will be brief and quick and questions will be allowed at the end in a limited capacity. Today the Federal Chancellor and the Presidium and we the Diarchs received information today from the Kingdom of Uppsund. Today at 0300AST the Queen of Uppsund, Christina Anne Alice of Uppsund, fell asleep with the lord after her fierce battle several illnesses that plagued her. Though she is suffering no more, her pain is still felt in the hearts of the People of Uppsund and her Family and the Ahranaian Imperial Family. As of today, at 0700AST the Government of Uppsund under Prime Minister Isabella Annika Lovin has formed a caretaker government to act in placed of a missing Monarch on the Uppsundan Throne. As it stands right now, now heir to the Throne exists in the House of Uppsund as no brother or child of her brother can succeed her place the Government of Uppsund has sent this delegation to offer the Throne to the we the Diarchs of the Ahranaian Imperial Throne as per the Succession Laws of 1914 that were agreed upon by the Royal House of Uppsund and the Ahranaian Imperial Family. As of today, the reintegration of the Kingdom of Uppsund has been started. I will now step aside and let the Chancellor talk about the next steps. Thank you.”

Federal Chancellor:

“Thank you, your Grace, and my condolences to the Imperial Family and the remaining family of the House of Uppsund and the People of Uppsund. As of 1052AST the process has of reintegration has begun and will be watched over by the former Ambassador and Delegate to the Reintegration of the Grand Duchy of Elde, Victoria Eriksson. She is already in route to the Kingdom of Uppsund and has orders to help with the process and to agree to whatever the Uppsundan Government requests on behalf.

We the Federal Government of Ahrana are deeply sadden with the loss of such a great woman in the wurld and only wish her the best in her next life. Thank you.”

As we mourn the death of the Late Queen of the Kingdom of Uppsund we are reminded that when we fall asleep with the lord it is not the end but only the beginning of a new.

That is all for this edition of ‘Ahrana Today’ thank you for joining us.

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As the plane rumbled Ambassador Eriksson sat in her seat reading over papers from her last posting in Elde trying to find ways and ideas to include in the talks with the Government of Uppsund. However, unlike Elde the Government Transition from Independence to Member State of the Union would be more symbolic as the Constitution of Uppsund dictates what is to happen in instances like this one. Yet, since the Country is in a state of mourning for the late Queen of Uppsund.

Ambassador Eriksson stopped reading her papers and looked out the window she could see the vibrant cities of Uppsund and how populous they were, something she hasn’t seen in the Motherland for a Bit since the Revolution. She also remembered back to the time when she met with the late Queen, Christina Anne Alice, which was at the Royal Residence in St. Peterburi when the then Monarch of Ahrana, King Gustov XVII, had invited her to Ahrana for regional talks. It was the first time she had ever met Her Majesty and truly could see the family line in both Monarchs. Ambassador Eriksson then turned to her right and asked her aid how much longer till landing which the response was roughly 15 minutes.

As the time went on, she kept reading and thinking on what she could say and do for the Government of Uppsund, which was a middle ground of things. Soon though however, the plane was going for landing at the Capital Airport. It was a soft landing as compared to several other landings she has experienced though not unusual to have a few good landings. As the plane slowly got to the gate where she would be able to walk into the airport directly instead of the usual disembarking from a staircase.

As the plane parked, she grabbed her things and made her way to the front of the plane to thank the Pilots for the flight and the landing and bid them farewell. She was followed by her Secretary Aids and several other Ambassador Aids. As they all walked down the corridor to where several people were standing, she soon realized that this was the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and the Ahranaian Ambassador waiting for her arrival. She shook hands with all parties and then was motioned to follow them to the left to the exit.

As she walked through the airport, she noticed the people in the terminal and realized that the terminal was not on total lockdown which was unusual for her but none the less acceptable. Soon they were outside the airport heading to government cars. Ambassador Eriksson and the Ahranaian Ambassador were in one car with the four Aids and the Uppsundan Prime Minister in another car. The car ride was to only take around six minutes to get to the Prime Minister Government Office where she would reside in the West Wing till the talks were over.

As the car arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office, they all got out of the cars and walked into the building and made their way to the conference Room where everyone took their seats where the Prime Minister begin the conversation.

“Welcome Ambassador Eriksson, we look forward to working with you on this transition into the Union. I know that compared to the transition you worked on with the Grand Duchy of Elde. Nonetheless, lets move forward what the Ahranaian Government has planned.”

“Very well Prime Minister Lovin, the Ahranaian Government has looked the Constitution of the Kingdom of Uppsund, and we will follow the Constitution for the Transition from Independence to Member State. We will also allow the Government to appoint the Governor-General that will accepted by the Diarchs as their Representative to Uppsund. In addition, Uppsund will remain its status in the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana as a Kingdom in a similar fashion to the Kingdom of Xara and so forth. We also propose the current Government which is your government hold the authority during the transition into the Union till full transition or till the people of Uppsund deem it necessary a new government be formed. The Ahranaian Government will also allow a Regional Constitution to be created if it respects the Federal Constitution and her Acts. Does the Government of Uppsund have any current requests and demands to ask in return?”

“The Government of Uppsund accepts the ability to appoint the Governor-General as well as the Status within the Union. We also ask that the Police Force in Uppsund also remain separate but will cooperate with the Federal Police Services of Ahrana as a Police Force in association with the Federal Police. We will allow the Military of Uppsund to be placed under Federal Government Jurisdiction including the Royal Guards. As far as the Constitution we ask that upon completion of this negotiation talks that the people confirm the current government mainly the Prime Minister’s Office and allow the Government to complete the transition.”

“Very well that is acceptable Prime Minister, we will begin drafting the resolution immediately and go from there and if there isn’t anything else I believe we can convene this meeting for today.”

As Ambassador Eriksson walked out of the room the aids met her and walked with her to the West Wing and soon sat to work drafting the resolution.

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As Ambassador Eriksson sat at the Office Desk in the room, she was staying in at the Prime Ministers Official Residence and the State Apartments for Diplomatic Visits, she looked around for a window to glance out of to just clear her mind of any thoughts that could slow her progress. Soon, her mind was on thought and the ideas that were discussed started to come to her including all the Constitutional Principles.

The Kingdom of Uppsund had no formal written constitution but instead had a constitution that was created through a series of Royal Proclamations, Decrees and Parliamentary Decrees and Resolutions that created the Constitution. The Royal Proclamation No. 02 dealt with the Uppsundan Throne like the Succession of the Throne from Generation to Generation and in case like the current one what to do when no successor exists by pure bloodline. As she read the Proclamation, she noted the line:

“In the event that the House of Uppsund runs out of heirs to the Uppsundan Throne, then by seniority and right the Imperial House of Ahrana holds legal and only claim over the Uppsundan Throne…”

As she continued to read the Decrees, Proclamations and Resolutions she found that constitutionally there was not much to do in comparison to the Grand Duchy of Elde. Yet, before Ambassador Eriksson left Ahrana she was told that the Ahranaian Government would give the same concessions to Uppsund as were given to Elde and if not more concessions. Uppsund would in essence be treated the same as the other Member States.

The Ambassador started typing on her laptop the Agreement that would ultimately join Uppsund and Ahrana together.

(Several Hours go by)

Without realizing how fast time had passed throughout the day the Ambassador was informed by one of the aids that perhaps rest would be in call for the day since she had been working on the Agreement for over four hours. She agreed and started shutting everything down and made her way to the corner of the room she was in and got a cup of water and sat down in front of the window and looked at the nighttime sky. It was filled with city lights and was as alive as it was during the daytime.

The Ambassador then walks to the adjoining room where the bed was got ready to sleep for the rest of the night.

(Hours pass and its daylight now)

As the Ambassador was pacing around the room in the early hours drinking tea and thinking in her mind of more things to add to the Article that would unite Uppsund and Ahrana once more. She had hit a roadblock but then again everything that was in the article currently is all that was needed but being a perfectionist and trying to achieve something greater than her last achievement has pushed her to give her best.

She knew she had achieved all that she had set out to do and was asked to do, if she could not figure out what was missing then she would have to run with what she has currently. Her aids popped in and reminded her she has an hour before she was to meet with the Uppsundan Government to offer the Act of Union that will undoubtedly formalize the Union with Ahrana upon acceptance by the Government.

Soon though the hour had passed, and she was to meet with the Government, and she started walking down the hallways to the Government Chambers. As she approached the doors, she opened them and walked in greeting everyone in the chamber and making her way to the Prime Ministers and President of the Riksdag to hand them two copies of the Act of Union and setting the Official Document on the table in front of her.

They all sat down except the Ambassador who started reading the Act for everyone, as she read most of the Government stopped looking at the Act of Union Copies that they all received but instead listened and watched the Ambassador speak. It had been some time since any of them have truly heard their mother language spoke in such diligent way. They were unaware that the Ambassador was fluent and understood Uppsundan as the Ahranaians had always seen themselves higher than the other people in the original Union. As she spoke, they felt moved and glad to see that at least in some form Ahrana has changed through its people. Once she was done reading the Act of Union, she took her seat and got a drink of water.

The room stayed silent for a minute with the Government members making eye contact to one another when eventually the Prime Minister stood up with the President of the Riksdag and started speaking:

“Thank you, Ambassador Eriksson that was lovely, and I ashore you we are glad to hear the Act, but we are just shocked that you could speak Uppsundan so well and clean for not being a Uppsundan Native it is rare.

The Act of Union has been proposed by the Kingdom of Ahrana through Ambassador Eriksson and we the Uppsundan Government are bound by the Constitution of the Kingdom of Uppsund to accept the Act of Union given to us by the Kingdom of Ahrana. I will say that this Act of Union gives Uppsund and its people the respect it deserves and was due before we left the Union in 1912. So as an official act of this Uppsundan Government we must go for a Vote of symbolic as everything is decided by vote here. Those for the Act raise your hand and those not for the Act of Union please keep your hands down. The President of the Riksdag will count the votes.”

The hands in the chamber started to go up and the Riksdag President started his count, given this was a mere symbolic gesture no matter the outcome of the vote would change what would happen which was the Act of Union. AS the President got the final vote count, he gave the official number to the Prime Minister who called out the results.

Remember this was purely symbolic and the vote will not alter the action in motion, so the Yes are 20 and the No are 10. The Symbolic Yes carries. When the Act of Union is officially completed by Ambassador Eriksson the Act will become law I the name of the Uppsundan Government.”

As everyone got up at the table the Prime Minister, President of the Riksdag, a few Ministers and the Ambassador remained seated to continue the creation of the Act. The first to talk was the President of the Riksdag:

“Ambassador, I believe that Uppsund should be given the right to the Self-Defense Force the same to the grand Duchy of Elde.”

“Mr. President, I would be willing to add that into the Act if we could determine how exactly this Self-Defense Force is to act and to whom they will report to. Will they report to the Federal Ministry of Defense, or will they be under Regional Authority?”

“Ambassador perhaps the Self-Defense Force will report to both Federal and Regional Leaders in a Defense Council for the entire Union. What I propose is what Ahrana once had in the past. Yes, currently there is a Privy Council, Defense Council and so forth under the authority of the Diarchs. I respect Their Majesties the upmost, but I also believe that how the Union Defense Council worked under the First United Kingdom was brilliant and we ought to try and create something similar today don’t you think?”

The Ambassador sat there for a few seconds before speaking thinking about this idea, it was one she had never considered.

“Very well Mr. President, this is acceptable and a really great idea that will help bring the Union together. The Union Defense Council will be recreated and will be separate of the Ministry of Defense and the Privy Council and will meet in the Federal Capital of Moskovo unless anyone objects to this at the first meeting which will be decided at the Federal Council in a few months. Any other things?”

The Prime Minister motioned to the Ambassador to make a question:

“Ambassador, I was wondering about Article Seven. Does this need to be in the Act?”

“Unfortunately, Prime Minister, yes it does need to be stated in the Act as it was stated in the Act of Union between the Grand Duchy of Elde and the United Kingdom of Ahrana. I do get that the way it is stated in the Act is very harsh and disturbing, but it is required by the Ahranaian Government.

Gentlemen if that is all I will make my leave and contact the Federal Government of Ahrana and inform them that the Act will be signed in a few hours and that tomorrow a transfer of power will be done at the Parliament of Uppsund and that the Flag raising will happen at Noon tomorrow.”

She got up from the table and walked out the chamber and headed down the hall to her room for a few more days. She entered and went to the phone and picked it up:

“Please connect me with the Ahranaian Federal Chancellor.”

“Very well please hold.”

She waited for a solid two minutes before she heard the connection on the phones happen and then was followed by the Chancellors voice:

This is the Chancellor speaking.”

“Madam Chancellor, Ambassador Eriksson here. I am pleased to inform you that in a few hours the Uppsundan Government will sign the Act of Union and the Ceremony will happen tomorrow followed by the Flag Raising at the Parliament, Judiciary, the Royal Palace and the Citizens Square.”

“Very well, please ensure everything is taken care of and inform the Prime Minister and President that the Federal Council meeting will be in two months and they are required to be there. As far as the Governor-General that position will be vacant till an acceptable person is fond to fill that vacancy.”

“Yes, Madam Chancellor good day.”

The phone went silent, and she hung up. As she turned around to the desk, she started to make the Official Draft of the Act of Union that would be signed by the Prime Minister, President of the Riksdag, President of the Judiciary and the Regional Governors of the Provinces of Uppsund.

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As the light entered the room window Victoria was awake for several hours already not able to sleep much these days was the norm for her. She paced the room to get her mind and body awake for the day, as she was reading the newspapers one of her aids came in from the Residence adjoining chamber to let her know that she should get ready for the day and that the Government is starting to show up to the Prime Minister's Office. Today would be the last Official Duty abroad she would be assigned to and she glad that this was the last but at the same time she knew she would miss the work.

She turned over to the bed where her uniform was sitting waiting for her to start placing each piece on. She started with her socks then onto the trousers and so forth. The Federal Government asked for her to wear her Service Dress for the occasion since technically she was still in the service. It had been many months since she wore the unform let alone the Regimental Guards Officer Uniform which was from the Second Kingdom Era and not the present as the uniform had not changed. As she placed her Shirt on and buttoned the shirt, she placed the Service Ribbon Rack on the Dress Shirt then grabbed the Dress Jacket she started to grab her medals and orders and then the color of the Dynastic Order. The last piece was the sabre which was part of the Royal Regimental Guards Officer Dress under the old Kingdom, however since the reinstalment of the Throne Officers have not worn the Sabers. She unsheathed the sabre and looked at it for the first time in years, she remembered the day she received it from His Majesty Gustov XVII. The best day of her life. She read the inscription which was in Ahranaian, "Við gerum allt um ríkið og við gefum allt!" That was part of the Lifeguards oath that she took upon entering her service originally and to this day she holds true to it. She sheathed the sabre and connected it to her belt and finished placing the Medals and Orders and las but not least she grabbed the cover and started walking for the door. She stopped and started laughing because she forgot the sash of the Royal House Order. She turned around and took off the Order collar then placed the sash on then the collar again. this time it was complete. Full Dress Uniform as requested by the Federal Government. 

As she walked out to the adjoining chamber where her aids were waiting for her to enter so that the final check for the Uniform could be done which was given the okay. She walked over to the desk where the official Document was and grabbed it and made her way to the door and walked out into the hallway and started heading down to the Prime Minister's Office, as she walked, she clicked and clacked due to the pesky medals on her uniform which she forgot how much she hated Full Dress due to that reason. As she walked, she could see the Prime Minister's Office Door and went forward and knocked on the door. The door opened and much to her surprise she was not the only one in Uniform, yet Military Officers will always find a way to wear their uniforms and show off their medals. As she walked in the room erupted with laughter including Victoria as they did not expect her to be in uniform as she was. She walked over and shook everyone's hands and placed the Official Document on the desk Infront of herself and the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister started to talk going over the agenda for the day:

"So, the first thing we will do is go to the Riksdag and make the Act of Union official by signing it, myself and the Ambassador will sign last which will make the Act Law after the last signature. Following that we will sing the Uppsundan National Anthem in the Riksdag as usual,

Once the Ahranaian Flag is over the Riksdag we will all be transported to the Citizens Square for the last Official Flag Ceremony this one will be with the Population and all security measures have been taken. The Royal Uppsundan Guards will present the Ambassador with the Royal Colors of the Uppsundan Royal Household and the Minister of Defense will present the Ambassador with the Ahranaian Imperial Colors which the Royal Uppsundan Guards will take in their possession. After this the main flag in the Citizens Square will start to be lowered, due to the size of this flag it will take some time to lower the flag, but etiquette is still required for this part. once the flag is lowered the first team will take the Uppsundan Flag away the second team will walk on with the Ahranaian Flag. The Ahranaian National Anthem will be played during the raising of this Flag after the Flag Fanfare is played. After this is completed, there will be a speech given by myself and then followed by the Ambassador then the ceremony is finished.

Everyone exited the Prime Minister Office and started heading to the door, as they walked out the Riksdag is within walking distance just one block down from the Prime Minister's Official Residence. As Victoria stepped out, she placed her cover on her head and started walking with the Ministers, Generals and so on. The streets were lined with people all the way down to the Riksdag, she waved to a few people and kept a nice smile on for the public. As they turned the corner, she saw the entrance to the Riksdag which was lined with Military Guards all the way up. As soon as the Prime Minister hit the steps a fanfare played then was followed by an Ahranaian Fanfare for her. She walked in the building and walked straight into the Riksdag chamber to clapping of its members. As they made their way down to the center of the Chamber she could see the Regional Provincial Governors, Riksdag President, Judiciary President and the other signatories. Soon she and the Prime Minister arrived at the center of the chamber and the Riksdag President Spoke:

"Members of the Riksdag, Members of the Regional Governate and other Government Members, please be seated. Today is the day Uppsund will rejoin the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. Uppsund has enjoyed these last several years as an Independent Nation with its own Monarchy but, may our late Queen Rest in Peace, Independence is not what Uppsund needs currently. As we look forward to the future it's not Independent Nation but a Nation as a Member State to our Motherland, Ahrana. We look forward to the future with our brothers and sisters in Ahrana and hope they are doing the same back. So, if we could let the signing of the Act of Union begin."

The Governors started signing the Act followed by the Ministers, the Riksdag President, the Judicial, the Prime Minister then last but not least the Ambassador. As she did the last stroke of her signature the chamber filled with clapping and whistling. Soon the Chamber was filled with song, the National Anthems. 

At the end of the Ahranaian Anthem the Delegation made their way to the main Entrance where the Government Flag was and waited for the Flag changing to start. Soon the Uppsundan Flag Anthem was heard, and the flag was being lowered. As soon as the first note hit all the Military Personnel came to attention and a salute was rendered including by Victoria. The sound of the Soldiers coming to attention could be heard all at once it was like a loud snap. As the final note played the Uppsundan Flag was taken off the Pole and the Ahranaian Flag was then placed on the clips. With everyone still at attention and saluting the Ahranaian Flag Fanfare started playing. As the flag finished going up the pole the last note played and then soldiers all went back to standing at rest. 

The next stop was the Citizens Square which was directly straight from the Riksdag oddly enough a walk away. As they all walked to the huge flagpole in the center of the Square the Royal Uppsundan Guards came to attention and awaited the arrival of the Ambassador. Once the Ambassador was there, she stood in front of the Guards where a stool was placed for the guard to knee down on to for the handover the Regiment came to life. They shouldered their arms and the Guard for the Colours walked foreword to the Ambassador who stood at attention while they walked foreword. The colour arrived to where she was, and the Guard hold the colour gave a nod to the Ambassador and then kneed down on the stool. She took ahold of the standard and gave it a kiss on the fabric then took hold of the staff it was on and took possession of the color and turned round to the Minister of Defense who held the Ahranaian Imperial Colours the Guards will now have. She took possession of the Imperial Colours and handed it over to the Guard who in return kissed the fabric and then took full possession of the colour. The Guard stood up and turned and walked to the Guard of the Colour formation and then rejoined the Regiment.

The Regimental Guard then turned and faced the massive flagpole and waited for the next segment. Soon the Anthem of Uppsund was played for the last time as the flag lowered. Team one then took full possession of the flag and walked off and was followed by team two who held the Ahranaian Flag. As the Flag was clipped on the Ahranaian Flag anthem was played first and then was followed by the National Anthem. Once the flag was up high enough team two threw the flag with the wind and it blew in the wind as it climbed to the top. Once it reached the top the anthem was finished. The Prime Minister then walked onto the podium and made his speech:

"Citizens of Uppsund, today we have rejoined the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. Much has changed since the one hundred and ten years since we originally left the Union, Ahrana has grown in ways we had not expected it to, and I am proud to say I am a part of that Union again. I am proud to say that I am Ahranaian and Uppsundan. In the coming weeks and months many things will happen, and they will be for the best of this Kingdom. Let us be glad to join our brothers and sisters in this Union and let us look to the future!"

As the Prime Minister stepped aside Victoria made her way over:

"People of Uppsund, Mr. Prime Minister and the Government of Uppsund. It has been the upmost pleasure to work with you all and to experience what I have experienced here today. No other time have I ever seen a nation of People so willing to do good for the good of it, that is what makes you all unique

There will be times of turbulence ahead, but it is important to understand that united together we are stronger than we are divided! We Ahranaians have a lot to learn from you all and I hope we are as respective to what you have to give and show for Brotherhood and Unity light the way, because at the end of the day as my sabre says "Við gerum allt um ríkið og við gefum allt!" or We give our all for the Kingdom as we give our all! I live by this motto of the Royal Lifeguards, and it holds me true to my course and I hope it does for you all in return."

As the ambassador stepped down from the podium there was a massive amount of cheering and clapping from everyone something she truly was not expecting. As this was the end of the ceremony the delegation made their way back to the Prime Minister's Residence to which the Ambassador would get ready to depart for Ahrana. Upon arriving to the Residence she made her way to a phone:

"Please get me the Federal Chancellor"

"Very well please hold"

This time the wait was not as long and she heard a click and the other line being picked up.

"This is the Chancellor."

"Madam Chancellor, Ambassador Eriksson here the Act of Union was successful and has been completed. I will be leaving within the hour."

"Very well. Good day and safe travels see you back in Moskovo."

The phone went dead and was hung up. The Aids had already got everything ready for their departure. The ambassador walked over to the Prime Minister and shook hands as well as several others and waved everyone goodbye. As they stepped out of the Residence the car pulled up and she got into the car. The ride to the airport was quick since the traffic was still being re-routed for the ceremony. As they approached the airport Victoria let out a breath of relief and was more than eager to get home and relax with her family for a bit. As they walked through the airport the people were clapping and waving to the Ambassador and wished her safe travels. She reached the departure gate where her plane was waiting and made her way onto the plane and took her seat. It wasn't long before she fell asleep. She said to herself, "Soon you will wake up at home".




(OOC: Chapter 2 is completed with this post, chapter 3 will start soon)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Uppsundan News Journal #1

Two weeks after the death of the Queen

Leading up to the merger of the Kingdom of Uppsund and the United Kingdom of Ahrana into the the Union the people of Uppsund walked the streets like a normal day. Though with the sudden death of the late queen many were still in morning in respect to Her Majesty. Most of the children that attended School were taught at a young age what Uppsund was formerly and what it could be one day in the future.

At the university Levels and the Secondary Levels when Government is taught, every Uppsundan is taught that the Constitutional Framework of the Uppsundan Kingdom was a collection Constitutional Articles that form the Constitution and not just a single document. These students are taught that if the Throne was to be left with no viable Heir to the Throne that by default and Royal Right the Uppsundan Throne reverts back to the Imperial Throne of Ahrana.

So, when the announcement from the Uppsundan Government that there was no heir to the throne of Uppsund the mood was not one of devastation but more of satisfaction and joy as the Union of Ahrana could become one again. The Government was and still is composed up of Pro-Union Parties that have governed Uppsund for many years and have remained unchallenged since the 1990s. The attitudes toward rejoining the Ahranaian Kingdom again have been the hot topic in most Parliamentary Debated, Prime Minster Elections and even at Academic Debated in the Education Systems.


Uppsundan News Journal #2

A few days before the arrival of the Ambassador

On the streets of Uppsund the mood is actually mournful but cheerful at the same time, we have asked many citizens what their thoughts were on the reunification and here are what some of them had to say:

Person 1-

"Reunification is a great thing to happen to the Kingdom and not just Uppsund but also for Ahrana. Our Economy has never been stronger than it is and with how the Economy of Ahrana currently is when you add us to the fold it will double the National Economy and create a strong economy to the likes that has not been seen in Ahrana since the Independence of Elde and Uppsund."

Person 2-

"With us joining with Ahrana again it's like being back home again, we full complete and not feeling like we are at it alone out here. I personally believe that when we left the Union, we made a huge mistake. Yes, we may have missed those horrible times that Ahrana went through but it has made Ahrana stronger and more unique. What do we have to show for the time that has passed? Our Economy is the only thing we have really going for ourselves and perhaps the strength of the Royal Military but that is all. Oh, let's not forget our Education System, it is decent compared to what else is out there."

Person 3-

"I have also stated that we should have never left the Union in 1912, we should have stayed and fought the Republican Terrorists with the Royal Government. When we left, we did the most damage one could have done to the union and to the Ahranaian People. I for one would not be surprised if there was any form of hatred towards us Uppsundan for how we left the Union and did not even help the Ahranaians fight against the Republicans let alone that Socialist Dictator Ivanoff that horrible man! But alas, I do hope they welcome us back with open arms like I will to them when the first Ahranaian enters Uppsund without the need of Federal Documentation."

Person 4-

"As a child I was told stories of the horrible times we faced under Ahranaian Rule, about how they only looked out for themselves and cared only form themselves and no one else in the Union. As an Historian I have found that to be false and so bluntly wrong of we Uppsundan's to label all Ahranaians that way when they were not. 

I am disappointed in my fellow Uppsundan Historians and Politicians that continued to feed us those lies till around the 90s when the Pro-Union Parties officially took over. We have always said we left the Union because we were wronged by all Ahranaians and the Republicans when in fact we were only wronged by the Government in power at the time across the nation. The Republicans, Nationalists and the Socialists at the time of 1912 created a division between Ahranaians and the other groups that made up the Union as a way to grab and hold onto power for a lengthy time. Then upon Independence we continued with the lies that they feed us even when we knew they were lies, but we continued with them! Now that we are rejoining the Union it's like a circle that has come full circle so to say. i am glad that those Nationalistic Uppsundan Politicians are no longer in power because they were no better than those Ahranaian Republicans.

So, when you ask me as a Historian and as a Citizen of Uppsund how I feel about Reunification, I feel delighted, excited and at peace with this decision that should have happened years ago."

As we talked to the people on the streets the majority of these people had only great things to say about reunification, even when a negative reaction was found it turned into a positive reaction to the reunification. 


Uppsundan News Journal #3

After the Reunification was finalized, four days later

There have been many celebrations across the nation the last few days before the Official Signing of the Reunification Treaty and after, many if not all citizens of Uppsund came out in support of this historic day. Many businesses closed for the day of the signing and opened either a day or two after the ceremony.

The large cities have multiple celebrations in the City Plazas for the people to come and join in rejoicing in the Reunification of the Union to its former status. In the countryside there were celebrations as well with feasts involving the whole village at the Village Center with both Ahranaian and Uppsundan dishes to eat. Even we here at the Uppsundan News Journal had our own celebrations.

It was estimated that the amount of beer and alcohol consumed in the days before and after the Reunification Ceremony was the most the Kingdom had consumed in a decade. That just goes to show that even though we pride ourselves to being Civilized, we still know how to throw a party like the Ahranaians.

The reaction in Ahrana has been met with celebrations and the same amount of joy that has been found here in Uppsund. However, they may not have had the number of celebrations that we Uppsundan's did, but they are delighted to see us back in the Union again. As every cheer and toast that were made over the last few days have said I say this, May the Future of Ahrana and Uppsund look bright and prosperous as the Union has been United once again. A Union of Brotherhood and Prosperity!


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The Official Ceremony for the Death of the Queen of Uppsund was never held due to the postponement of the ceremony and the typical traditions for the death of the Monarch were not held. Since the reintegration into the Union the Diarchs, the last reaming family of the Monarch of Uppsund, decided that the time for the ceremony should be by the end of the week on the Lords Day as with Tradition.

The Federal and Regional Government have all consented to the Ceremony to be held on the 23rd of January 2022 and the ending of the Ceremony will be the following day on Mournful Monday. The ceremony will take place at the Royal Palace in Havsborg and will end at the Royal Crypt in the Royal Cathedral St. Anastasia of Moskovo, where the Divine Services for the death of the Queen will be held. Due to the queen already residing in the Royal Crypt there will be a painting of the Queen surrounded by flowers and ribbons where the coffin typically is place. Typically, when the Coffin is being brought from the Royal Palace to the Royal Crypt it is placed on a Wagon and pulled by the Imperial Lifeguards Calvery Regiment and is in a possession lead by the Imperial Regimental Lifeguards. In this instance a box holding the last Official Monarchs Colours and Standards will be enclosed and carried down the mall to the crypt before being brought into the Crypt. All Flags in Uppsund and across the Union will be flown at half-mast for three days and then raised to full mast after the three days. An Official Proclamation from the Diarchs will be sent out across the Union and to Consulates and Embassies regarding the Flags and a Day of Remembrance in the late Queens Honor.

The following document has been released regarding the ceremony and the Divine Services for the late Queen Christina Anne Alice:


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As the car carrying the Imperial Family of Ahrana had arrived at the Royal Palace of Uppsund to partake in the Ceremony of the late Queen of Uppsund passing. As the Diarchs walked into the Palace they were greeted by the soon to be appointed Uppsundan Governor-General and the current Prime Minister. They walked around to the central chamber where a portrait of the late Queen was on display, it would always be the same one that would walk behind the Wagon holding the Queens Royal Standards and walking in front of the Imperial Family. 

You could hear the Commanders of the Imperial Guard calling out commands for the Imperial Regiment to get into place. Before the Ceremony started the Diarchs would inspect the Guard before they marched the Royal Standards down to the Royal Crypt to lay them with the late Queen. As the commanders carried on the Diarchs made their way out for the inspection of the Guard. The Guards wore the Uppsundan Imperial Guards Regalia that was gifted to the House of Uppsund in the 1930s which had been in use since they were gifted. As the Diarchs walked past every Guard with spotless Uniforms and polished brass and silver fittings and polished silver covers with white plumes. As the inspection finished the guards marched off to prepare for the march down to the Crypt.


(Imperial Regimental Guards)

The Diarchs stepped back and saluted the Royal Colors of the Imperial Regiment as it passed before rejoining the Imperial Family. As the Colors passed the children of the Diarchs stepped up and both families that make up the Imperial Family walked towards the Imperial Gate that separates the Palace from the street.

As the Diarchs and the family stepped out onto the street the Imperial Lifeguards in their white tunics and silver breast plates with sabers drawn and, in the shoulder position, welcomed the Family into the mall formation. As the pression would progress the Imperial Family and the Diarchs would be protected by the Lifeguards regiment. The most highly trained professional soldiers of the Uppsundan Imperial Guard.


(Imperial Lifeguards Regiment)

The Wagon carrying the Royal Standards soon appeared followed by the Queens portrait, the guards on either side of the street around the Wagon and the Family came to life. Soon they started walking down towards the Royal Cathedral and Crypt. As they closed on the Cathedral the Guards started to fan out into a formation to receive the Queen and the Imperial Family in a Regimental Formation except for the Lifeguards who still encompassed the Imperial Family. As the Diarchs arrived at the Cathedral the Ahranaian Imperial Standard was flown above the Cathedral in respect that it was not the place of power for the time being. 

As the Lifeguards started to follow out into a line formation Infront of the Cathedral and take a defensive position as they do at the Royal Palace, the Diarchs entered the Cathedral along with the Box holding the Standards and the portrait. As the Portrait was set in the center of the Cathedral where the Crypt Volt is located the box was set on top of the door where the coffin normally is located. As the family came in the public walked in after and took their seats in the cathedral for the Divine Services. 


(Queen Christina Anne Alice of Uppsund)

The Archbishop of Uppsund would lead the Services for the late Queen. As the Service started the whole chamber was filled with the funeral chant that one knows to be Solom but cheerful for the meaning it holds. As the Service went on the Box holding the standards soon started to descend into the Crypt where it would be placed with the Queen. As the box slowly was lowered down the service soon started to end with the bishop citing the creed of the faith to which the entire church erupted in unison with him. As the last line of the creed was said the service ended and the Family was escorted out of the Cathedral to be taken back to the Royal Palace. The streets were still lined with the Royal Guards on the left and right and the Lifeguards had already left for the Palace to receive them there. As the car carrying the family approached the Imperial Gates opened up and the family were received. 

For the first time since the Independence of Uppsund the sitting Ahranaian Diarchs would be in residence for at least three days for the mourning period. As the entered the Palace the Ahranaian Imperial Standard was raised at the Palace. Everywhere a Uppsundan and Ahranaian Flag was located they all flew half-mast as requested.

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With the Ceremony for the late Queen of Uppsund having taken place and the three days of mourning as required in the faith and by request of the Ahranaian Imperial Family, the People of Uppsund have taken to the streets to show their support and solidarity for the Imperial Family and for the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana. The Government of Uppsund has shown that the People have welcomed the rejoining of the Union with open arms.

We walked the streets the other day and asked four random citizens in Uppsund what they thought about rejoining the Union and what their thoughts towards Ahrana as a whole were. Here are the four responses:


Well, I believe it was a long time coming honestly. At one point or later we were going to rejoin Ahrana either with our own Monarch or not, we are brothers and sisters after all! The Union was strong before the split in 1912 which I have also believed was a mistake, but now we have fixed that mistake and made a new Union that we all can agree and accept.


I am beyond ecstatic for Uppsund to be rejoining the Union, I believe leaving was a mistake but that is the past and the past is the past not the future. If we dwell on the past, then we can never achieve the future we wish to achieve. I only hope that the Ahranaian People will welcome us Uppsundan's with open arms as we would to them.


I am a person of very few words so I will say this, rejoining the Union is by far the best thing this Uppsundan Government has done since the great mistake in 1912.


With Uppsund rejoining the Union of Ahrana it is almost like a dream come true for me and my family. I married an Ahranaian from the North of the Kingdom of Ahran, for years she has had to keep renewing her Uppsundan Citizenship Visa and now she no longer has to worry about that. Our kids were born both Ahranaian and Uppsundan Citizens by birthright but now they no longer have to choose which citizenship they want to keep when they come of age eighteen, which for my oldest was less than three months away! I am beyond delighted at the decision and I welcome it. I am eagerly awaiting to receive the in-laws into my home for the first time since me and my wife got married, before it was an issue due to the required paperwork but not anymore.

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