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Zygis relocation

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The Zygis relocation plan was a plan put forward by the temporary Military government of Baltica in 1955. It aimed to relocate the Baltica Dolch people, from rightful "Rassian" land, and move them into the southern end of Baltica around the county of Visagana. If it would have succeed, it would have moved around 2.3 Million people from Goja, Inga and Eleania counties. However as we know now, it only partially begun in the Greater Kretia region around both Cidra and Northern Eleania county. This resulted in large ethnic fighting between the Ras and the Dolch who were forced to flee. Around 200,000 people had been forced to move, most of whom fled to Inga or Goja. This plan would come to an end in 1960, when the Dolch would form a army to stop this forced movement, and threatened an all out civil war to protect their people. After Algridas came to power, the plan was halted entirely, but none of the Dolch who were expelled wanted to return. Today, the lack of Dolch in the former Cidra and Eleania county can still be seen by today, a permanent scar left on the Greater Kretia region which still causes turmoil between the Ras and Dolch to this day.


(Before and after Ethnic maps of Eastern Baltica)

The Opinion of the Zygris Relocation Plan today is heavily mixed. Some Ras believe it was necessary, and that the return of their rightful land was promised to them ever since they joined the Dolch in their war against the parliament. Dolch rightfully believe that the plan was a horrific forced movement of their people, and the fact that the Ras were able to go through with the plan proves that they are undeserving of the land they claim. Surprisingly, the relocation actually led to a dramatic growth of Goja, and helped make it the current economic power house it is today. Ingute as well would heavily grow due to the increase in population, which over all would actually heavily increase the power of the Dolch (Who were a largely non unified group before) and helped unite them against the Ras. This is what helped the Dolch take power in Baltica yet again, whilst the Ras only gained a slither of land that they were once promised...

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