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Riots in Cidra

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After the death of the former "Freedom Fighter", Jonas Svedas, supposedly after his electricity having been cut during the construction of a fungi growth facility; causing him to freeze to death in his isolated home, the people of Cidra have been up at arms. Yet again, this is an example of the exploration of the Ras by the Baltica Dolch, who show little to no consideration for their needs. It has brought back the memories of the failed March for independence all the way back in 1976, but the Inhabitants of Cidra and the greater Kretia region believe it is time to strike again. People have gathered in the city square, and have encircled the Administrative Regional building. Some have even resorted to violence, with an unidentified individual setting fire to the police station as well as nearby library. This large escalation has sadly caused the government to send troops to reinforce peace within the city.  The BNB (Baltica Network Broadcast) has interviewed some local inhabitants of the city, as well as Valdas Danas, the general in charge of the military station within the city. 



(Image from the Cidra Riots)


The following individual wishes to remain anonymous.

"Why do you believe the riots have escalated to this point ?"

"Well what most people don't know is that we Ras, specifically us Eastern Ras have always been at conflict with the Dolch. As you may also know, we were the most avid supporters of the Zygis relocation plan, as well as the biggest participants in the Freedom March and Ras revolution. This has made us not very fond of the Dolch, and their actions against what we see as a very important part of our community, and someone who fought hard for our freedom and independence has rightfully angered us.

"His death was a accident however, and the government issued an official response, Why ge-"

"You may think this was unintentional, but it is far from it. The Dolch have wanted us out of Cidra ever since we rightfully took it back from them in 1955. You think this is the first time something like this has happened ? Remember the "Cave in" in 2002, causing the closure of our mine ? Remember the forest fire of 2008 ? Hell, remember them "accidentally" shelling the city in 2005 during a "military drill". They want us out of here, but we are not willing to give up our rightfully owned clay.

"Sir this is no place for speculative theories, the government has issued a response for all the above listed incidents. Please, if you wish to participate in the interview, stop implicating the governments inv-"

"You think a city with a population of 12 thousand people warrants a military intervention ? We are just an example to the other larger cities, go against the government and be treated like those animals in Cidra. This is revolting, and we will not stand for it!

"Sorry sir, but we will have to cut you off. Let it be known that the Baltica government has not been involved in any of these so called "Intentional attacks",  these are all speculative rumors, spread by fanatics wishing to rile up the populace. 


The upcoming interview includes General Valdas Danas, the current general of the Baltica Military Police.


"Good morning general, as you may know the question on everyone mind is the current stand off between the Cidra rioters and the military stationed to help disperse them. Could you better inform us on the situation and how its going ?"

"Certainly, currently, everything is under control. So far we have been able to disperse a large portion of the rioters, especially those who don't want to participate in the growing violence. Our main target is the Administrative building, which is partially in the control of the rioters. We have provided them with an ultimatum, which if refused, will force us to use force to disperse them. Although so far we have refrained from using tear gas and violence, it seems like the remaining individuals aren't willing to abandon their positions. 

"Has there been any arrests so far ?"

"Plenty. We have arrested over 23 individuals so far, many of which were the ones who directly attempted to fight our troops. None of them have said anything, but there's some speculation that they might be a part of some greater "group". We kept some people in confinement, 58 to be exact, but have since released them after they showed no signs of continuing their hostility.``

"Are there any future plans for the city of Cidra ? Especially after the riots will be stopped."

"We expect the government to grant us the ability to station more troops in the region, especially since many believe that there may be a chance of the residents of Kretia performing a similar rebellion. This is especially worrying, as a rebellion in Kretia could cause some nation wide problems. However this is yet to be confirmed, and we hope to see the governments make their opinions clear in the future. 

"Thank  you General, we hope to hear more from both you and the government, and hopefully this issue can be resolved before it spirals down into anything serious."


Will the situation in Cidra be resolved ? Only time will tell...

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