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[Academy RP] Remember the fallen, Remember the first leader

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Evezh!” the order was shouted over the parading ground. An officer wearing a simple green trenchcoat with the Aurivizht flag on his shoulder marched before his soldiers. It was a grey and snowy day in December, the freshly-fallen snow crunching beneath his boots. The memorial service was about to begin. 30 years earlier, Turien Rouault, the first leader of the Aurivizh state had passed away. The leader who had brought the weak democratic government to its knees, and had replaced it with the strong government of Aurivizh. A government still standing to the day. 

It is an important day for you all. Thirty years ago our first leader passed away, the second father of our nation. The ceremony is going to involve you, and the ministers. Do not mess up the ceremony. If you do, I will personally make sure you end up in prison. Make Aurivizh proud, and make me proud.” the officer, Mikêl Ménard, said to his troops as he marched in front of them once again. “Am I clear?

-”Yes, sir!” the choir of soldiers returned.

Good. Now to your assigned places!” Ménard shouted. The soldiers gave a quick salute and then carried out their orders. The parading ground was a square in Alivezh, near the building of the Council of State. The square was by no means a large one, but it was nonetheless impressive. In the centre was the main attraction of the square, a large pillar, based on the megalithic sites of Aurivizh. The pillar was around thirty meters tall and was carved in a similar pattern to the Steudadoù Givanou, the most famous megalithic site of the country. Deep cup and ring patterns were curved all over the pillar, finishing with Ermines at the top, the national symbol of Aurivizh. At the bottom of the pillar were three standards, where later during the ceremony wreaths would be placed. On the approach to the pillar, every ten meters there was a soldier on each side of the path. Bayonet ready, with a small Aurivizht flag attached to it, the memorial ceremony could begin.


The ceremony began with music; the Aurivizht anthem to be exact. A detachment of the army’s band had been assigned to the ceremony, and they began playing it. The sounds of drums and bagpipes filled the otherwise silent square. The crowd, most of them citizens of Alivezh, joined in singing, a disharmonic, but patriotic, choir singing in honour of the nation, Hermine-charged flags being flown in the crowd. After the anthem finished, the ceremony could begin.

First to come forward was, for obvious reasons, Tudig Gwernig, the Head Minister of Aurivizh. With sturdy steps, he and his wife walked forwards, they would be the first two to place a wreath. Two soldiers from Ménard’s company, carrying the first wreath, walked towards the pair with smaller steps. After a quick exchange of words between Gwernig and the pair of soldiers, the wreath was handed over to the Head Minister and his wife. With small and careful steps, the duo walked to the middle-most standard and put down the wreath there. A beautiful large white wreath, it consisted of white tulips and a banner circling around the lower part of the wreath, which contained a pattern of black Ermines. After the first wreath was placed, Gwernig and his wife stood there for a minute, before walking back. Second up was Mathéo Lainé and his wife. The progress was much the same, the married pair walked towards a duo of soldiers, who gave the wreath, which was then placed. After Lainé, it was the turn of Kan Flageul, who, much like the two before him, walked towards soldiers, talked for a moment, and put down the wreath at the final standard. After he had returned to the other two who had placed down a wreath, the army band played a traditional song in memory of Rouault, which was again, sung by the crowd. After the song was over, the ceremony finished, and daily life continued. Turien Rouault had received the annual memorial from the nation he had left behind once more.

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