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Plans in Development from the newly elected Gohulian Minister of Pleasure, Ms. Kini Soa
Kambanu Island, once home to the mysterious and ancient Arakata civilization and their magnificent subterranean city and later home to a thriving fruit cannery and booming phosphate industry will now be heading toward their third chapter in the saga of the island.  Kambanu will be placed under the newly established not-for-profit company “Kambanu Island Tourism Authority” and will be developed to host foreign businesses and franchises.

This capitalist experiment obviously raises a few eyebrows but so far none of the other Gohulian ministers have decided to cause any trouble for her - this might in part be due to the support she currently has among the urbanized ethnic Sokhainean demographic. The island will be developed into a visa-free, tax-exempt tourist destination with its own newly-built international airport, harbor, public transportation network, amusement parks, a botanical garden, and stadiums. Various Beach Sporting and Music events are already being planned in anticipation by authorities and locals  alike, the once-abandoned Akhishi Temple of Lights will be rebuilt, and luxury shopping malls, grove gardens, and resort hotels - both state-owned and partially-state owned. The Kambanu Island Tourism Authority is already planning an Expo event called “Kambanu Island - Open House” for tourism & hospitality-related businesses to network with local representatives as soon as the Welcome Plaza is constructed. You can register your tourism or hospitality business here. 


Only Jurovan knows if this signifies the end of Akhishi’ist Communalist-Socialism or if this is the solution to lack of financial development and brain-drain among the youth that Safiloa has experienced in the last 30+ years. 

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