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Hedcut generator, like the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

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Earlier this week, I was playing around with the hedcut effect as used in the Wall Street Journal. These are small, colourless images that look like a stipple drawing. It's a decades-old, hand-drawn illustration style that first appeared in 1979.

A lot of our players also use portrait pictures to show who their characters are.

  1. Wall Street Journal claims to have an AI-driven online portrait generator, but sadly that's only available to WSJ members.
  2. I also tried the StipleGen software, but its Github project appears abandoned since 2016.
  3. Finally, I had a look a how to create hedcut portraits, and followed a YouTube tutorial to achieve a similar effect in Photoshop.

➡️ Do you also want one? Share the link to a LARGE image with a PLAIN BACKGROUND.

⬇️ Here are some examples, in the same order as I shared them on our community Discord server



🔽 Bron Urgundy, anchorman for BS News.

Bron Urgundy


🔽 The leader of @Balticans.



🔽 King Aidan Redmond of @Seylos.

King Aidan Redmond


🔽 Colonel Ishijima, de facto ruler of @Sunset Sea Islands.

Colonel Ishijima


🔽 Primo Franso Deitorr of @Iverica.

Primo Franso Deitorr


🔽 Tomur Almas of @Fulgistan.

Tomur Almas


🔽 The leaders of @Stedoria.

engraved-stedoria.png engraved-stedoria.png


🔽 The leaders of @Hinterlands.

engraved-hinterlands.png engraved-hinterlands.png


🔽 The leader of @DPR Velaheria.



🔽 Princess Margaret Redmond of @Seylos.

Princess Margaret Redmond


🔽 Oliver Remmen, Minister of Energy & the Environment of @Prymont.

Oliver Remmen

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