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[Academy RP PROTOTYPE] An unknown and forgotten artifact, above an as unknown and forgotten wurld...

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Your day starts like any other, in your lonely space station above ER-V116'-a. You wake to see the everlasting stars in the transparent ceiling of your room, after a decade this view only brings you boredom and disinterest. You put on your archeologist uniform, after having brushed your teeth and taken a well-deserved shower.

You just stare at your old grimed face, so young but so old at the same time. You take a good look at the price of your obsession with the long-forgotten past. Your quest for the Precursors, far away from your home, farther away from your family... Some of your brain cells continue to wonder: was worth it? What man would be mad enough to marry this intrepid adventuress of 21 years you chose to become at only 11?

You pause these questions by contemplating the transparent floor of your small space station: ER-V116'-a. This moon-like wurld is a desert of dust, craters, and gray, orbiting a dark azure gas giant. Oh! A small bing breaks suddenly your contemplation of this barren wurld. Your robotic crew has found something... something new back down. You are trembling with excitation and run to your small stellar craft. The minutes become hours in your head full of hormones, adrenaline, and an insatiable thirst for ancient knowledge. 

You FINALLY reach the dig site. Literally a crater in a crater, full of artificial workers trying to justify your presence on this god-forsaken rock at the farthest edge of the universe. With an ecstasy, you didn't remember possible, in your female voice, you order the machines to show your their discovery ASAP. The closest ones of your vessel proceeds, which give you the necessary time to put on your respiratory gear and your suit against solar radiations.

By the time you reach the center of the crater, your excitement fades away and turns immediately to worries and a bit of fear of what may be lying there for thousands... maybe millions of years. The artifact is a small round object, with a black material that shows no signs of alterations in the dust of ER-V116'-a. Strange to say the least.

You finally take the little black object in hand, fighting against your human fear of the unknown.

Nothing immediately happens.

But before your fear turns to disappointment, you hear something weird in your ears. Gibberish. Gibberish of alien nature. The loud noise becomes louder and louder... your ears ache! But a minute later, the noise becomes comprehensible. It's an audio recording, of the distant past. Perhaps of before the Hurricane, you can't be sure.

"It's over. The conflict between my family, the Elgrandé and... her, has reached an unexpected end, I must admit. Considering the news I heard all those terrible months, I thought either she would destroy us all or we do. It's what nearly happened. She entered in Primus, so casually, but then... I don't know exactly what happened, she was going for us, the Destroyer of Cities. We were at her mercy, and for some reason, she quitted our mansion, dazed or bored."

"I managed to follow her to the docks, she was observing the effervescent activity of our growing city. I was shocked by this behavior for obvious reasons, so I caught my courage and started to talk to the "girl". She was some sort of reanimated body with the palest skin a had ever seen, but "she" could speak a comprehensible primusean, only with a rural accent of the North."

"We talked a lot, first about the grudge she had against my family and Primus itself. We settled our differences with some simple facts, I disagreed with my elder brother's leadership and policies of the city... and so I could empathize with her why hurting the one she loved as a lover, and me, as a younger brother was unacceptable. To my surprise, it helped a lot, the Destroyer of Cities has uncomprehensible abilities, but her psyche was more childish than I expected. We quickly found common grounds, just with apparent peep talk in a public space."

"Then I talked about the Republic of Eleven, its current state of affairs... How the archons were only puppets in the hands of corrupted metics and a few complaisant high members of the aristocracy, which I am indeed affiled but do not share their cowardice. My brother was a victim of this decrepit system until he ran away from the city with my passive assistance. I only pushed the attention of the heads of your family to some other problems... Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, and the War of the Grudge began, and countless lives were lost in the Destroyer's furious path."

"Our City-State is in the heart of decadence, and at this frontier of a new wurld to conquer, now that we understand how to build ships capable to traverse entires oceans for years. This city needs change, the only question that remains is... will I sell my soul to this soulless and dangerous creature? She is flawed, intrepid, and childish, but also comprehensive and decisive. She is strong, she could unite our people in one direction and root away our corruption problem. She could become our strength, and I would guide her to renovate our economy, our infrastructures to this new era of foreign dangers. More concurrent empires are rising, while we stay stranded in the middle age, it has to stop... whatever the cost. Only totalitarianism, one Imperator for one Imperium may safeguard the secular work of stewardship of my ancestors. Such is the price of progress. Only those that'll come after can judge my decision to do this pact with the pale devil itself."

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