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Safiloa Map Application

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NATION: The United Sacrosanct Communal Republics of Safiloa

FLAG: spacer.png

CAPITAL: Ponaiga

PREFERRED GENERAL AREA: Marenesia Minor, at least one large island and several archipelagos

CULTURE:  Four cultures: Afro-Persian creole, Malagaso-Onganese & Ayta & Malagaso-Polynesian tribal, Dravidian, Hebraic

CAPITAL LOCATION: Near a river or bay

STATS CHOSEN: Pop: (2), Per capita GDP: (0), Land Area: (2)

CLIMATE: Generally Tropical and humid, with strong monsoon seasons.

HISTORY: The native Azanian/!African Wodjimba people allowed for the Dushidinic Sokhaine people to settle and intermarry opening the doorway for a Wodjimbani-Sokhainean Theocracy.

The Doyaneans/!Malagaso-Polynesians, the Marakua/!Ayta, the Gomukhans/!Dravidians, and the Hebraic Pinonim (fleeing Mevraq) eventually joined the union - with each establishing a unique relationship with the now-Sokhainean dominated state. Each community establishing their own theocratic communal republic eventually after Sokhainean culture seeps into their cultures.

Safiloa is a large confederacy of theocratic nigh-communist communal republics on the brink of collapse due to religious, economic, and ethnic tension.

Edited by Safiloa (see edit history)
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Hello and congrats on passing the academy!. Sorry for the wait.

Culture and Preferred Area
Although you state 4 cultures, your cultures require 6 locations for your people groups (Sub-Saharan African, Persian, Malagasy, Polynesia, Dravidian, Jewish). Below in green are all the homelands for each of these locations (minus Malagasy as we have no Malagasy nation except possibly @Oyus)

Although at first it appears hard to believe how all of these groups reached Marenesia minor, it can be explained quite easily:
- The original inhabitants of the islands are Azanians (!Sub-Saharan Africans) from the mainland coming over in the ice age 50Kya.
- Bashanite (Jewish) pirates related to @Mevraq settle on the islands.
- Dravidian and Persian Migrants from the Orinese Colonial Empire (see map below) migrate south to escape the rule of the Orinese people.


Generally the numerous islands of Marenesia Minor (and southern Europa) can be divided into 3 climates:
1. Rainforest & Monsoon climate
2. Tropical Savanna climate
3. Temperate climate
Climates 1 and 2 would experience annual shifts in rainfall patterns as different parts of the Eurth's tropical ocean water heat up causing increased rainfall in other areas of the oceans. For the strongest affects Climate 1 would be your best bet. With recent Europa changes those islands would be open, though very close to the Orinese Empire and most likely historically a part of it - something for you and @Orioni to discuss.

Usually stats are done first, however I believe it was best to leave for last as your 2 for land area really restricts the shape of your country as you need a lot of islands to breach the 270,000km^2 barrier. Thus there really is only one 'shape' your country can take:
This comes to just 270,800 km^2
With such a massive distribution across Marenesia you would need a lot of permissions from members across Eurth to take this spot:
- @Orioni due to proximity to historic empire
- @Iverica for determining how the Iberos diaspora went through these islands to Iverica
- @Mevraq due to proximity

And of course this isn't really an archipelago as you wished.

Potential stat alternatives is to drop your 2 points in Land Area to just 1 point (91,000 - 260,000 km^2) which would cover just this archipelago a 141,100 km^2.

or this archipelago at 98,800 km^2

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On 12/17/2021 at 2:52 AM, Safiloa said:

@MetztlitlacaThank you for responding and for the congratulations. *Gives graduation speech*

Would this slight modification be possible? spacer.png

Yep. All that is required now is a couple members to consent for your placement.
- @Iverica (for lore regarding historic colonisation of Red Iberos in western Argis)
- @Cristina / @Anatea (for lore regarding historic colonisation of Mantella in eastern Aurelia)
- @Orioni (proximity to his NPCs)

If consent is not provided by this time next week (26th December), consent will be assumed through apathy.

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This is great. All good on my end. Excited to have one of the first new Europans involved!


Regarding historic interaction (diaspora event) I would love to include any form of Safiloan involvement. Whether they were one of the groups that took advantage of the empire in exile, whether they gave aid despite the crisis, or whether the Iberics themselves were desperate enough to raid an island or two for supplies. The event could have been any of the above.  

If Safiloa thinks it's unlikely, the islands could have been bypassed entirely depending on the attitudes or coincidences of the time.

Regardless, it's a great opportunity for deeper lore co-op. Of course all this is pending the above question of O's colonisation.

Thanks for pointing this out Metz.

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@Cristina / @Anatea (for lore regarding historic colonisation of Mantella in eastern Aurelia)

No much lore established by me on that matter so far...

Mantella may have set some small colonies in nearby seas between the late XV and middle XVII centuries and again in the middle XVIII century. 

On the other hand, Cristineses have always been more of a seafaring people and have reached farther shores. Cristinese trading companies have established trading posts and factories with varying degrees of independence from the government, most of them from the Middle XVII century to the late XVIII century. Despite being no more than small villages and/or fortified ports, they attracted a good number of Cristineses, Mantellans and Skrovjans in search of new opportunities.


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