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[Academy RP] The Day in a Life.

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7:31 AM: Jagdish Silpakar, a common folk who works on his fathers farm in the Battagara Plateau region, awakes in his room. The walls made of hard clay and the roof of thatch, his bed of straw and pelts and with a small wooden end table by his side, handcrafted by his father. Wind blew from the mountains through the window and onto his face, giving him the smell of the amazing alpine breeze.

8:01 AM: After half an hour of sitting in bed, hoping he would not have to get up he hears the harsh call of his father from downstairs: 'Jagadīśa, aba yahām̐ tala jānuhōs!'. Jagdish knew exactly what that meant as he scrambled to get his clothes on before going downstairs. His father informed him of all the things he had to do that day on the farm before he could go and meet with his friends from the nearby village.

9:32 AM: After only an hour, he had already finished with the chickens and the pigs, but he was still left to do the orchard and the fields of corn, which he knew would take the longest time. He took all the eggs from the chickens to his mother who made bread and sells produce on the side of the road for tourists and travellers.

10:53 AM: While in the orchards, Jagdish notices that a large amount of the apples in one section were gone, however ignores his instinct and assumes it was just a hungry animal of some sort.

11:30 AM: As part of the religion he follows, the native Gaism, he must stop all work he is doing at 11:30 and worship the bovine gods. This usually marks when he can have his break too, before continuing in the afternoon.

12:00 AM: Jagdish returns to the farmhouse with the smell of Dal-bhat-tarkari cooking up, which consists of steamed rice and a cooked lentil stew called dal. He sat down at the wooden table, on his stool, ready for the amazing tastes of the meal ahead. After eating the Dal-bhat-tarkari in traditional style, 

1:56 PM: After returning to farming, he finishes gathering all the corn that had grown over night into a wicker basket and moved it into his mother's stall.

2:30 PM: Jagdish had gotten ready to go out to meet his friends, with bag ready and he got on his bike, an old rusty one that made all sorts of noises, on his way to the town. The roads of Mahana were notoriously poor, with no exception between the farm and the village with the roads either being dirt or poor cobble with potholes and missing stones, which are ready for his bike to be caught in.

4:21 PM: After two hours, he arrives in the village and meets up with his friends to ride bikes through the mountains, seeing the beautiful peaks. They would do this most days.

6:12 PM: Jagdish begins his long bike journey home towards the farm.

8:41 PM: He makes it back to the family farm, with a hot chicken chow mein prepared by his mother before he goes to sleep, shattered by the hills he had to climb on the old bike.

9:51 PM: He lays in bed with the moonlight coming from the mountains shining on his face as he drifts off into slumber, ready to repeat the process many-a-time over. 

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