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[Vision Statement] Mahana

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Mahana (Mahanan: महान or Mahāna), officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Mahana is a landlocked country which consists of 27 million people. The capital city is Jutpandi but other large cities include Ghobari, Battagara and Veydu. The most folllowed religion in Gaism, a religion centerred around the worship of the bovine God of Kuladara. The name 'Mahana' literally translates to 'Great' in the native language.


Basic History of Mahana


Mahana was established officially in the 11th century as Emperor Chamrel lead the ancient Khad peoples down the Ghobari valley and into the area of modern day Jutpandi. These early peoples were believed to have been the first to practise Gaism in the region as well as founding the ancient city of Vaddkewatta, which is situated in modern Jutpandi. These people were lead by the Chamrel Dynasty until the late 12th century when they were deposed following the Mahanan Civil War, putting the Sapkota Dynasty into power. 

It was in the 13th century when they doubled the amount of land they occupied, roughly to the modern borders, under the Sapkota Dynasty and notably Emperor Guragai. It was in the very late 13th century in which Emperor Rabi introduced the caste system to Mahana. Mahana's downfall was upon the death of Emperor Jhapali, his three sons disagreed on land inheritance, resulting in the land being split into three. Mahana remained in this way until it was united in the 18th century by a man named Balraj Singh who lead one of the three ununified states, Jalanpathur. The current borders of the nation were drawn up in the late 1800s, and have remained stable since.

In the early 1900s, a man named Sudip Subba managed to successfully take power, forcing the monarch to become a secondary power and announcing himself as supreme leader or Subban. Afterward, the kings of Mahana were only figureheads and the Subban held the real power. However, in the year 1943, the Gayin (Head of the Gaism religion) stated that the Subban was not the rightful leader of Mahana at any given time, restoring power back to the king, with the Subban position fading following this. In 1992, an uprising and widespread protests lead to the country establishing a parliament and having a 'stable' democracy. Today Mahana remains a poor country, with most working in farming. However, Mahana is seen to have great tourist potential with 26 million visitors in 2020.

Future of Mahana

The people demand change, in early 2022 the government is pressured into improving basic roadworks in the country, being previously in the bottom 20 in terms of quality of roads. This leads to a yearlong project to improve the roads.

Quality of education needs to be improved, with a literacy rate of 75.2%. Education for under 15s becomes mandatory in November 2022, as well as being payed by the government.

Tourism levels rise even further as Mahana becomes pressured by the poor conditions in the smaller cities as people visit more, this leads to a change in councils and power in early 2023.

In July 2023, Mahana will hold an election for the President, with current President Bina Sharma's term coming to an end.

Current people in power

  • Prime-Minister - Ranju Bastola, in office since 2019
  • President -  Bina Sharma, in office since 2018
  • Queen - Shakti II, in power since 1996

Point Allocation


2- Population

0- Economy

1- Area

Economy of Mahana

Mahana relies heavily on it's natural beauty to fund it's economy via tourism, for this they have the Abgan Mountain range, one of the largest and most impressive in the wurld. However it is largely dependent on agriculture and remittances.  Made up of an isolated people until the mid 20th Century, Mahana entered the modern era in 1951 without schools, hospitals, roads, telecommunications, electric power, industry, or civil service. The country has, however, made progress toward sustainable economic growth since the 1950s.

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