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Ion Mining-Southern Lithium Mining

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This serves as a transaction tearsheet for the merger of Ion Mining Company, partner entity of Toledo Metals (Iverica) and Southern Lithium Mining Company ( @Zaxar ), 


Deal Synopsis

Ion Mining, Co. (ALTX:ION1) and Toledo Metals Corporation (IBSX:TLM) will acquire 51% ownership in Southern Lithium Company (ZSX:SLI) for $6.792 Billion ADS on December 19, 2021. Ion Mining and Toledo Metals paid $29.9 per share for the acquisition of stake. The stake accounts for 51% of Southern Lithium, which at this time, only issues domestic Zaxari shares. The Banco Iverica (Bank of Iverica) was in charge of financial arrangements for Toledo Metals and Ion Mining.

Individuals from the ATARA Bank of Development and Palantir Financial Insight acted as the financial advisors for Ion Mining Corporation.  Lewis & Julii IL acted as legal advisor to Ion Mining Co. Gyges Market Quotient acted as a PR advisor for buyers. Credit Suisa IL and Far South Financials acted as advisors to Southern Lithium. Mann & Mannson acted as legal advisor for Southern Lithium. 

While the merger is officially a majority acquisition of stake (at 51% ownership for buy-side companies), the deal attitude remains friendly and solicited. Deal conditions include the equitable distribution of dividends to Zaxari holders from trading revenues and surprise generated from the conditional listing of the merged entity in the Altaria Stock Exchange. ALTX:ION1 will be renamed ALTX:LION and will consolidate its market-relevant financials with the financials included in the consolidation.

Deal Comments

Contributors at Silberman-Saxen market financial analytics issue a synergy rating of 1A, citing the potential for value generation by allowing the high-consumption Iberic Federal Economy to access Zaxari Lithium commodities directly. Silberman-Saxen also cites the potential value generation in capital innovation as a result of Ion Mining's introduction of semi-automated extraction, refining, and quality assessment technology.



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