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Baltica-Magnus Trade

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The Logging company Romona, seeing the high demand for wood in the Northern Nation of @Magnus, is finally making its intentions of expanding North public. Magnus is seen as a prime nation for the large company to expand into, mostly because of its huge manufacturing sector, which utilizes large volumes of wood which it currently seems to be unable to supply. With wood production being at a surplus back at Baltica, the time could not be better for Romonas expansion. As such the head of relations, Gedrus Yanas, wishes to visit Magnus in search for a potential buyer of Romona wood. A letter has been composed and sent to all large manufacturers to see their reactions to Romona and the prospects of trading with Baltica.

Dear Manufacturers

This letter is being sent at the behalf of Romona Logging Inc, to discuss the prospects of a possible trade deal between Baltica and the firms of Magnus. Romona wood is not only cheap, but some of the best money can buy, and we have a great abundance of it.  Seeing how the development of wood based products, and subsequent demand for these products in both Magnus and Baltica is extremely high, the potential profits to be made are unimaginable. We hope to discuss further once we pay a visit to Magnus, although rest assured tho, there is plenty to gain from our potential trade.

Sincerly, Romana Logging Inc.

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Romona Logging Inc, sees the deal proposed by @Magnus as a acceptable offer and has agreed to provide an initial amount of 50,000 trees, which is to be increased as official routes and relations are established. However, Romona asks that the Magnus government handles the transportation of wood across uncharted territories in Northern Argis. Currently Baltica doesn't have a easy way to access Magnus, due to it being landlocked and currently not connected to the wider Argis rail system.  Romona would also like to request to open a office within Magnus...


Caution: If payment is delayed to Romona by a maximum of three months, Romona will seize trade with Magnus and will halt all future trade unless all dept will be paid off. If Magnus wishes to stop trading with Romona, they must inform the higher ups in advance of at least 2 months. 

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