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Announcing the Foreign Industrial Licensing Program

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Following an intense public debate in the General Assembly, Premier Miri Saleh and Commissar for Industry Haitham Abrabanel are pleased to announce the establishment of the Foreign Industrial Licensing Program, intended to encourage foreign investment in Mevraqi industry and modernize Mevraqi manufacturing.

Here's how this works. Foreign manufacturing entities looking for a source of inexpensive manufacturing, or simply easier access to the Mevraqi market, can sign a Foreign Industrial Licensing Agreement (FILA) with a Mevraqi union, combine, or collective to license a product or set of products for manufacture in Mevraq. Government funds will help underwrite the initial investment, especially if the foreign entity provides machinery or training to their Mevraqi partners. As such products will be manufactured in Mevraq, they will NOT be subject to any duties or tariffs. This will make selling to Mevraq much less expensive, and surplus production can be exported for sale in your home country or anywhere in the wurld. And if you choose to ship your products using Mevraqi ships or aircraft, you will be eligible for the reduced rates for domestic customers!

Mevraq is blessed with significant mineral resources and has a long history as an industrial center, while the current exchange rate and cost of living makes Mevraqi labor very competitive! Invest in Mevraq today!

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Industura State Works would like to request a License to produce construction equipment such as drills and excavators in Mevraq. Industura has seen a shortage of tools, due to current large scale projects in Baltica, and the current inability of the state to produce more tools to meet demand. The cheap prices, and the promise of large mineral sources has made Mevraq an especially attractive investment. Additionally, Baltica hopes that this will help spark a greater relationship between Baltica and Mevraq, and aid in future development in technology and industry alike. 

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On 12/28/2021 at 6:34 PM, Stedoria said:

Stabam Dustodamazöta Foginänik Ko Vobanasrepüblikän Mevrakäna

Li Crèyåcion d'ene Licince d'Industreye Etrindjire avou l'Républike Ovrires di Mèvraq

Establishment of an Industrial Foreign Licence with the Workers' Republic of @Mevraq


The Union of Industrial Manufacturing Workers is pleased to approve your application. The Federation of Mine Workers is also very happy.

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