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The Fungi Revolution

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The Fungi Revolution

Ever since the creation of the Republic of Baltica, agriculture has been its main industry, helping to provide jobs for over a million people, and making up over 20% of the economy. Today, it has shown no signs of slowing down, but the harsh Northern Climate of Baltica is slowly making the prospect of growing new crops harder and harder. As such, the Ministry of Agriculture had decided to invest into the prospect of discovering a new “cash” crop for the agricultural sector.

Various crops had been considered, including radishes, beets, and cabbages. Although this has obviously all shown good signs of growth, local consumption was not high enough to generate considerable profits, and many of the initial start-ups switched into producing the regular winter crops (Potatoes and Onions). However, one crop saw a significant profit. This being mushrooms. 

The city of Uzli is the largest settlement West of Sveaja, making it one of the most isolated cities within the already isolated West. As such, its only industry consists of a meat canning factory and a small logging camp. It was only when the Ministry of Agriculture approached the local mayor of the city, that a new Mushroom growth facility was established in the former arms factory, and saw immediate success. Reportedly in its first year it was able to produce over 50,000 pounds of mushroom! The facility would generate over 37 thousand Zeidais over the course of the year and has proved an expansion in the field of Fungiculture can be a major success for the Agriculture Industry. 


(Uzlis Growth Facility)

In order to encourage the opening of new facilities, the Ministry of Agriculture has introduced various government grants to help cover the initial high costs of opening indoor facilities. Most in the west have decided to stick with producing mushrooms via indoor trays, with very few choosing to use the outdoor method. So far, the largest facility is still located within the city of Uzli, although a new one is planned to be constructed in the agriculture hub of Kauni. Research is also being done into the possible alternative uses of Fungiculture, such as maybe for medicinal purposes or even possible industrial use. Nonetheless, it's a promising Industry, with the potential to become a cornerstone of the new green wave.

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