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Request: Workers' Republic of Mevraq

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Nation in Eurth: Mevraq

Flag: spacer.png

Capital name: Minafi Aleasifa

Capital location: Coastal

Stats Chosen: Pop 1, GDPPC 1, Area 2


Factbook/iiwiki link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Mevraq


Culture: Judeo-Arabic

Climate: Temperate to slightly chilly (anything from Philadelphia to Montreal)

History: Founded as a pirate haven by Yehudan pirates.


Desired Location: An archipelago or island, preferably not too close to other landmasses.

EDIT: The archipelago around 37° S and 67° E would be ideal.

Edited by Mevraq
Changed nation's name from "People's Republic" to "Workers' Republic" (see edit history)
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Hello and congrats on passing the academy!
Let's try get you on the map now.


Using your coordinates I assume this is your desired location, which using the Koppen Climate Classification map below, we can determine has a climate of Dfb and Dfc (Humid continental and Regular Subarctic). This is comprable to New England and northern Quebec, so-so similar to Philadelphia to Montreal albeit slightly colder further south. With 2 points to land your allotted land area is 270,000-350,000km^2, which would take up multiple islands. Thus your desired location is entirely suitable when it comes to stats and climate.


Your history more than makes up for why your country is rather distant from the other Canaanite Semitic groups in east-central Argis and suits your desired location well. All in all I see no problems with your application, very well done :).
Below I have selected 3 locations which I believe fit your country best. It is up to you to choose which one (if any) you like. Then we can refine the borders here or in Discord DMs. Below are all the land areas mapped out for all the nearby islands, so you can see where the land area points are being allocated to :).



1. 339,300 km^2

2. 338,900 km^2

3. 285,900 km^2

4. 340,600 km^2

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