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Historical Tales of The Vikings and Magnus


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(OOC: This thread is designed as in place of an historical factbook. I plan to include many important tales and historical happenings that will help shape Magnus’s long history and unveil more information in detail about the history of Magnus. The only difference between this thread and an historical factbook in the Facebooks & National Thread is that information is uncovered through tales that describe history “told as an story” instead of listing the history in an formal and professional matter for information purposes.)

Prologue (Magnus National Historical Archive)


 Williams walked down the stairs. “This is our National Historical Archive, where all the important tales are stored in the magical books that contain them” He introduced to Lucas. “I mean it’s important, but why do we have all these books anyway? What’s the importance in having them, I mean we don’t need more fantasy books” Lucas, carefully questioned. “Don’t be so critical, once you open the books and actually start reading, you’ll know why” Williams responded wisely, pointing to that big blue book. “That’s the dictionary of all the historical tales, it’s a good choice to start with” He added on, trying to convince Lucas. “Very well. I’am sure my brain will explode on these boring historical tales for poor children” He insulted as he put on gloves and a mask. 

But the moment Lucas opened the books, something amazing happened. Wonderfully, the old handwritten words poured out, escaping the old pages..........


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A Letter to our Lord

Author Unknown. (Translated from Latin)

Lord, Ice Lord, our Dear Lord, please understand that our land, the holy land of Ice, is in danger. Grave danger. I can find nothing more extreme then the current happening; the Fire Lord has cursed us.

Our Kingdom is being destroyed throughly. The ruthless enemy has overpowered our forces, bursting into the peaceful villages and towns we inhabit.

They are killing everything. Humanity is being slaughtered and hanged on the streets; livestock being cut into pieces and left to die; Panic, Fear, Anger, Sadness arising in us.

Please, I beg in behalf of all of our land, please help us. We have tried everything, only you, dear lord, can save the situation. 

To the mountains; to the Ice Lord himself. 




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The End of Vikings

War and Inspirational Book Written by an Soldier enemy of the Vikings - translated from Greek


📷 My depiction of our war with the Vikings

As many of you know, I’am one of the army men fighting the so called “Viking” people who live in the dark mountains. My nation declared war on them because they seemed very weak, and it’s glory for us. It’s also for revenge; the last war we had with them was an total failure. My people are known to be aggressive sometimes, and this is one of the times where they won’t let go of a chance to conquer and destruct. 

I’am not sure if that was the right decision. But it was certainly not my nation’s fault. They have declared numerous wars since I was a child and when my dad would teach me how to use an spear. It’s the Vikings fault. I swear it’s there brain’s fault. There stupid leadership made of some cruel leader named Erik. 

They killed my father. I heard that my father’s friends say that the enemy stabbed him in the throat. I cried and cried, as a immature child. Any child would cry and fall into “the sadness hole”. It lasts a long time. The hole and thought of losing sometimes never goes away no matter how you try. 

That was what made me chose to become a soldier. Some say it’s good I experience some loss and learn from it, but they never knew my relationship. He was the one who brought me up, I was the only child. My mother belongs to a church, she almost never sees me. My father is probably the most influencing person in my life. I had him taken away from me. I would rather lose my friends and never be allowed to go to church anymore. 

It was the day before the first battle. I dreamed of my father, telling me to fight the enemy and emerge victorious. I almost presumed it was real, and even saw my father wearing grand armor. But unfortunately it was a dream, a painful dream that reminded me of my loss.

During the battle, we had victory. Our forces were way better then there useless stuff, the hell I felt better. I even shot some arrows at soldiers that fitted the description that my father’s friends told me who were the murderer.  Finally, we broke into there cities and burned everything. Nice bloody revenge, but never enough.

The Vikings have fled, and our soldiers are searching and putting bounties on any Viking spats they see. I personally watched them hang, though it was overwhelming to se people die, it was emotionally calming for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’am a natural-born soldier not afraid of war. Or maybe my father’s death changed my life and my brain forever.

Please, I beg anyone, find those Viking dictators and hang them. We will have Erik The Red handed man caught. He will be charged with war crimes and will be hanged for leading such tyranny forces. I encourage everyone to do there part, and lock the doors at night. Also, Check shadows. 

Thanks for your help and service

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