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Shapashun location

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Nation in Eurth: Shapashun

Flag: spacer.png

Capital name: Gabal

Capital location: [coastal? in-land? riverside?] coastal

Stats Chosen: pop: 1 gdp: 1 land area: 2
Factbook/iiwiki link: none yet
Culture: Phoenician inspired
Climate: Mediterranean 
History: a oligarchic republic dominated by many powerful political dynasties controlling every aspect of the country
Desired Location: preferably on an island in Europa

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Hello, congratulations on passing the academy!

Your application has been quite difficult to process because a lot of your requirements/requests contradict one another in the context of Eurth, however I have tried my best to come up with possible locations.

The main issue comes down to the culture, climate, desired location, a land area of 2, and the Anglia Event.
Your culture and desired continent match up well, as the Canaanite Semitic groups (which include Phoenicians) are located in Europa (as opposed to Alharu for the other Semitic groups), however with the ongoing Europa V5 Discussion Thread, below is the highlighted Canaanite Semitic groups for new Europa:


The areas for Canaanite Semitic groups are located more towards the interior than other groups, which makes justifying island placement difficult in-universe. There is also an issue of 2 points towards land area, which necessitates at minimum an area of 270,000km^2 which eliminates most islands on Eurth, much less Europa.

Your desire for a Mediterranean climate also limits you to this area:

Lastly is an issue with the Anglia Event. Currently there is an event taking place on Eurth involving the nation of Anglia and it's bid for imperial conquest of the New wurld, it's currently conquered Azania with the aid of the south Azanian nations forming a massive geopolitical bloc to fight against.


If you were to be placed in Europa, there would be a lot of baggage placed on you to join this event as either a very neutral party or to side with Anglia (which would be geopolitical suicide in the long run). Despite all of this though, I have a couple areas that partly fit your requests.

1. Marenesia
At 291,000km^2, this location places Shapashun in the Mediterranean climate on the large southern island of Marenesia Major. The main issues however is that it's very far from any of the Semitic groups in Europa or Alharu meaning that Shapashun would have to be an (old) colony of Qubdi. For reference Salvia was colonised around 125 AD.

2. Alharu
This area comes to 289,500km^2. It has a Mediterranean climate and places Shapashun in the original homeland of the Central Semitic families of Eurth (Arabic/Aramaic/Phoenician/Hebrew/etc.). As Shapashun is Phoenician Inspired, exact linguistic and cultural boundaries shouldn't be necessary. Variota is scheduled to be shrunk down due to inactivity so taking part of their country is not an issue. The only problems is that this isn't an island or in Europa, it's on the mainland of Alharu.

3. Europa
This area technically has a Mediterranean climate however it's high altitude Mediterranean climate which makes it closer to your generic temperate than anything else. Also it places Shapashun very far away from any active members which might compromise your ability to RP with others. On the other hand this location is next to the other Canaanite Semitic countries like Qubdi and away from the Anglia Event.

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1 hour ago, Shapashun said:

I dont need to be on an island really any area that could have been a historic center of trade with a temperate (preferably Mediterranean) climate is fine


1 hour ago, Shapashun said:

is it possible to have something here like we migrated from Alharu? spacer.png

Unfortunately I will have to reject your proposed are between Dazhdinia and Hinterlands as we have had controversy in that area regarding Semitic states in the past, and ultimately the staff agreed that that area of Argis should remain Argisian. There are two areas of Argis that do satisfy your requests, however (being areas of historic trade and a Mediterranean climate). Or you can take the original Alharu proposal I offered, which has a Mediterranean climate and is along the coast of an important maritime trade corridor.

1. 62,600 km^2 

2. 274,600 km^2

3. 289,500km^2

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