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Hello there,


I am the emessary of the island of Free-Ekainak and we are the sad remnants of what was once a proud nation. Some of you may know of Chairman Joaquin, Ekainaks famous statesman, who is now dead skull.gif. It was a pity, but the people of our island are strong and will continue although we have a much smaller population...



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thank you for your condolences and all the welcoming back. Ekainak was destroyed by the mods when a friend from school spammed the nazi region THE URAP. since I used Ekainak on the district server, they believed it to be of the spammer. you may easily not believe this, and asume that I was spamming, but no. I did attemp to infiltrate The Urap at one point in time so as to overthrow them. My friend, nation Itesland, is one good spammer...

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