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The Holy Empire of The Jaihu Changes it's Name


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The Holy Empire of Jaihu recently changed it's name to The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu to more accurately reflect the wishes of it's King (Jaihu), it's government (Supreme Jaihuian Council) and it's citizens (Jaihuians).


Along with the nation's name change there has been a revamping of the names and function of the positions in the government... Starting from the top.


1) King Jaihu the Humbled (Formerly known as King Jaihu the Great) will now be referred as Jaihu Jaihu the Jaihu.


2) The Supreme Jaihuian Council is now simply The Council of Jaihu. It's members will now be elected from The Elected House of Jaihu by their peers in that House. Previously they were appointed by the King (Jaihu)


3) The parliament is now referred to as The Elected House of Jaihu. It's members will be elected by the citizens of Jaihu rather than appointed by the land owning classes.


4) The senate has been abolished as it never served any purpose other than as a place to appoint the friends of Jaihu Jaihu the Jaihu so they could sit around all day pretending to do things... but they never got anything done.


These changes were made to streamline government and to get rid of waste and corruption.

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