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Ebrarian-Tagmatine Trade Negotiations

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To: Their Excellency, Eduardo Guerra, Minister of Commerce of the Christian Commonwealth of @Ebrary

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion


Your Excellency,

There has been some brief talk between our nations' foreign ministers with regards to a trade agreement between our nations, as well as the idea of regional security. I have been charged by his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Holy Emperor and Autocrat of the Aromans, Equal-to-the-Apostles, to discuss the former with you. However, my government is not adverse to the latter becoming a topic as well although for this we would have to bring in representatives from my nation's Ministry for War. This would enable for a more serious discussion on the matter but it is also beyond the scope of what I am sending this message about.

It does seem that in some areas, our economies could be considered to be direct competitors. This is especially true of the agricultural sector, as both of our nations lean more heavily into that than others may do. I appreciate that that comes across as protectionist but I feel that the wurld economy has not yet moved into a stage of truly free trade with other nations. Trade agreements such as what the Holy Imperial Government is hoping to achieve with the Christian Commonwealth is a step towards this, however.

My government would be keen on Ebrary opening certain aspects of its market to imports from my nation by reducing tariffs, customs duties and import fees. My ministry has prepared the following list in light of this. This list has also been tailored to areas where it seems that your economy might be open to foreign imports, especially where it is not directly competing with domestic production or manufacturers. This is not considered to be an exhaustive list but should provide us with opportunity for further discussion.

The list is as follows:

  • Biofuel, especially biodiesel
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Renewable energy technology, whether for domestic or industrial purposes
  • Consumer electronics
  • Luxury goods, such as but not limited to wine, brandy and whisky

I have had analysts employed by my ministry going over your nation's economy, as well as conducting interviews within Tagmatium in order to find out what areas of my nation's economy might be receptive to Ebrarian imports. Therefore, the following list has been compiled and it is of areas that my government would be willing to look at reducing tariffs, customs duties and import fees.

  • Motor vehicles
  • Natural gas vehicle technology
  • Beef and beef products
  • Soyabeans and related products
  • Luxury goods, such as but not limited to wine, brandy and whisky

I hope that these will give us a starting point for discussion. It is realised that our nations may turn out to be against one or more of these, or they may be dropped during further negotiations but that certainly should not stop us from trying.

Of course, any food products or others, such as motor vehicles, that are imported to my nation will need to meet the safety standards of the Greater Holy Empire and it is imagined that the reverse is true as well. The health and safety of the Aroman population is a key concern of my government and it is imagined that the same is true of the Ebrarian government. If products do not meet the standards laid down by laws concerning them, then we will need to take a joint look at whether our nations can raise the bar or come to some sort of agreement over them. Equally, Tagmatium has some of the highest environmental protections on Eurth and this has been pledged through international treaties as well as our responsibility to protect God's Eurth.

This is the reason that my nation is proposing a reduction on tariffs on renewable technology. The Greater Holy Empire has consistently met targets set by the Holy Imperial Government for providing all of its energy needs through renewable sources. A key part of this has certainly been nuclear technology, of which the Aroman power plants have had a consistent safety record for almost fifty years. If these talks go well, perhaps sharing this can come up for discussion, if the Ebrarian government so wishes. Of course, as your nation is mainly fueled by natural gas, I recognise that introducing a competitor to that industry may not be something that your government considers.

Our foreign ministries also discussed the possibility of looking at the visas for our nations and this is something that can also be addressed during these talks. Student visas would enable the youth of our nations to experience higher education is each others' nations. Tagmatine universities are consistently ranked amongst the highest on Eurth and I am sure that those of Ebrary are equally as good. Other visas, such as tourist and working ones, can also be up for discussion. I believe that this will help bring our nations together and strengthen them, a necessary thing at a time when it seems that the wurld is becoming more hostile.

Indeed, the Cetan Sea is becoming more hostile than it has been before. If the Ebrarian government wishes, then a topic of our negotiations could also be armaments. Although my nation does have a significant armaments industry, this is primarily turned towards the armed forces of Arome. We would be willing to cooperate with Ebrary and help it to be capable of facing a hostile wurld.

Our shared faith in Christ give us better understanding between us than most nation, and I pray that these negotiations are satisfactory to all.

Takitos Khalkeos

Megas Logothetes, Grand Minister

of the

Logothesion tou Kommerkiarionikou, Ministry of Trade,

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion, the Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans

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To: Their Excellency, Takitos Khalkeos, Megas Logothetes of the Logothesion tou Kommerkiarionikou of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion @Tagmatium Rules

From: Eduardo Guerra, Minister of Commerce, Republica Christian de Ebraria


We are looking forward to a fruitful meeting between our two countries concerning trade and further cooperation not only on the front of commerce, but also in the realm of armaments and the military as well. While we must remain zealous in terms of protecting the autonomy of our economy, it behooves us (and is the policy of our current president) to seek out trade and opportunities between likeminded countries such as Arome. The lists of goods/industries provided by your government is a sound starting point for discussion, and we will be happy to begin talks after the New Year concerning the reduction or complete elimination of trade barriers in this area. We are also keen on meeting or exceeding any safety regulatory standards the Greater Holy Empire has in place.

Student visas are also a key item of discussion, as access to your Empire's wurld-class and historic places of learning will greatly benefit the Ebrarian nation. It is also no secret that many Ebrarians seek employment outside of our borders, and discussion of improving the ease of this process with respect to Ebrarians working in your nation would be appreciated. Ebrary, in return, is more than willing to allow preferential terms for Aroman investment in our borders. 

In terms of military armaments, we are more than willing to buy quality arms. Our government is keen to see Ebrary's sovereignty defended and the stability of the region of the Cetan Sea increased. We hope that trade in armaments may lead to further cooperation militarily between our two nations. Ebrary is a prime point for exerting the control necessary to keep this northern sea stable and a prime route for trade. A stable and militarily capable Ebrary allied with Arome and other nations with an interest in peace means a more prosperous and powerful Arome.

With prayers for both our nations' continued prosperity,

Eduardo Guerra
Minister of Commerce 
Republica Christian de Ebraria


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