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Thursian Gallows


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Ulfheimr was in general a closed off society even from its neighbors. Radio and media traffic was always plentiful from Ulfheimr, but on this day all radio transmission stopped. All media towers and internet service to the outside wurld was abruptly cut. Ulfheimr had gone dark. Air traffic was halted and warnings were sent to neighboring countries and anyone who frequents Ulfan airports to steer clear of their borders. Several hours later, planes from Ulfheimr flew across the Western border and over the empty lands between Nyanstan and Magnus. Minutes later, the river valleys exploded in fire and brimstone. The night sky was lit with red and orange. Radio transmissions leaked out into listening posts. They could only pick out several words, "Jormungandr... hryðjuverkamaður... Thurses..." The planes returned to Ulfan territory and returned to the skies an hour later, setting the land ablaze with hellfire once more. A line of APC's swarmed out of the Ulfan border and singular berserker forces crawled across the land like ants. Gunfire would echo of the taiga and outskirt cities of the neighboring countries would occasionally see a wild berserkergangr stalk through the napalm fires, covered in blood and filth and gone just as quickly. By morning all was silent once again.

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