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[Vision Statement] The Kingdom of Doraches

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The first Dorachen tribes came approximately to the area of today's Doraches after the 'Great Normamu raids' which targeted their original homes. Although the area may seem nearly inhabitable at first, the Dorachens have successfully managed to adopt to it. In the first decades there they have created functioning clothes that protected them from the cold and truly mastered the art of fishing and hunting prey. The main factor they've decided to stay there and didn't migrate to a 'better' place was mostly the fear of Normamus attacking them once again. This is also the reason why they took fighting so seriously.

Luckily for them their geographical location have saved them from foreign raiders many times, with most of them taking Dorachens as not even worth it to conquer. There of course were few which have tried, but the extreme cold has usually handled with them itself. This isolation from outer threats have allowed them to develop safely. After a few centuries the first city states emerged. Some of these practiced some kind of democracy - something which was extremely rare in Eurth at the time. But unfortunately most of these fell to monarchist city states after the many smaller conflicts that happened in the area. The Dorachen mindset of a strong single leader being needed probably came from this era.

Another major event in the Dorachen history was when the Wij-Pakato raiders attacked the city states. They were so much of a threat that the city states were forced to unite in order to survive. That's how the first Kingdom of Doraches was created. After years of bloody war the Wil-Pakato raiders were successfully defeated and the Dorachens became feared warriors. Now finally united they started conquering new lands and exploring the wurld. This era is sometimes called the era of vikings. It lasted until the great civil war.

The second and current Kingdom of Doraches was founded in 1174 after the great civil war, making it one of the oldest countries on Eurth. From it's foundnation it's been ruled by over 8 dynasties, the current one being the Sigridin.

In my RP i will focus on solving these issues:
1. Violation of civil rights
2. Horrible treating of minorities
3. Alcoholism and high suicide rates
4. Wealth inequality
5. One region in Doraches constantly trying to be independend
6. International diplomacy (Doraches currently has no allies in the wurld)

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