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On the Status Quo
as spoken by Nicolaos Bakirtzis, 10-11-21, 16:35

Pictured: a remote farming community home affected by mudslides in 2017.

Longtime listeners of the Ethysa evening broadcast will know that from time to time, it is the solemn responsibility of the senior caster to sit down and discuss their perception of the state of affairs here in our beloved Aurelia. It is done just so by a journalist and not a politician, because it is important that the people feel like this analysis is done with an open heart, and not to some personal political end, where someone could benefit from spinning the situation a certain way. Having faithfully served the community of the nation for some thirty years, I, Nicolaos Bakirtzis, will take time now out of my evening to discuss with you millions of viewers my personal beliefs about the place we, together, find ourselves. I hope that you too take the time out of your evenings to sit down and listen to me. Because I think I am not wrong when I say that we live in tumultuous times. Of course, there is advancement. People are doing better. And the country does better when its people are doing better. Few countries can say that they have done as much to look out for the population as our beloved Kirvina. That is something to be proud of.

But when I was a young man, there was not global political turmoil. There were no expansionist imperial regimes with their sights on Aurelia and the rest of the Wurld. The terrible truth in what I am saying is that you cannot even interpret what I am implying. So tired is the state of foreign affairs that I could be talking about any one of multiple different foreign nations. I digress. I have included as the header to the transcript of this speech, a picture of a house in Pathouso village, where the courtyard is all flooded with mud and river water. That is because I think that that is a fair analogy for where we find ourselves now. Surrounded by the wartorn Steppe, the Railroad States which keep up the veins of the inland trade, and different regimes, mostly friendly, it is hard to take up a perspective. I have had Zaxari, Rhodellian friends for much of my life, who have held little ambition for themselves beyond escaping being blown up or crippled for long enough to get a Kirvinsét seasonal work visa. Because sharecropping on a farm in Pontaleia in the spring pays better than being an engineer in their hometown. Such a sad thing, I tell you. Such a sad thing.

Pictured: Mr. Bakirtzis (center) reporting on Chriessos District militias, 17-10-21.

There is a saying that is very good, when you are thinking about Aurelia. That is our Kirvinan concept of Kanochí. The idea that even when the wurld is falling apart all around us, we are going to be the normal people who shoulder the burden and keep going while everyone else is busy fighting leather-wearing barbarians, watching schoolboys duel for their honor, or collapsing from malnutrition because their government decided to base the entire national economy on heavy machinery. We have three things. The agricultural sector, the transportation industry, and our common sense. Well, the first two are going to keep going no matter what, so I say we should focus on the third. Keep on to that common sense. Remember that things are good here because we have the mental state to keep them good. Politics is always like watching four menavlatoi fight with their long spears. It is never the worst one who goes down first, but the greediest one. Love your neighbor, be honest in your work. Many other wholesome bits of advice such as this. But I am already known for such evening content, so I will not spend your time on more. You already know what I like to say about this.

I have a farm on the Sagraphas, up near Manteia. For this I am considered rural. I know that sometimes this is a topic of mockery by foreigners, who do not understand that speaking simply does not mean speaking stupidly. I am always candid when I talk because you viewers are like my own children. Why would I complicate the truth with figurative language, that would just be lying to you. And wasting your time. Which I would say is even worse than lying. Anyway. From the vista of my farm, I have seen so many changes in my lifetime. Even in Trathos and Manteia, we have bullet trains now. Magnetic levitation can take me to the capital around eight times faster than the old iron-foot train that I took to the Academy as a boy. And here in Kirvina we have seen great advancements like that, like I have already mentioned. But when you pass beyond the great river, everything changes. You go back by sixty years. The personal wealth quarters. Why?

Because of the thieves, because of the bandits of course. Because we are the only thing resembling law out there. Our brother Aurelian nations also try their best to keep their people safe, at least most of them, and most of their people. And when it comes to this continent I think that is good enough. 'The Unconquered Sun is witness to our just rule', goes the Exarch's family motto. Ah, but what an ideal to aspire to. There is nothing better than taking another life behind your own, cherishing it. In any case, I am rambling. All factors I have seen tell to me that we are about to face a difficult few years, despite that idealism. And before I am hounded for implications, I think that those difficult few years have nothing to do with our neighbors. Rather, I think that it is our neighbors that we will be protecting from those difficult few years. This I do not mind. I think that it has always been the Kirvinan duty to keep Aurelia safe when it is too ill to do that for itself. That is the fullness of my review. Enjoy your holiday season, but maybe stockpile a little extra money, do not let yourself get out of shape. But do not worry much, now! That I am even allowed to be pessimistic on air like this is a testament to the strength of our country. We are strong enough to be honest.

And find your Rhodellian gun-shop tourist outside a Faust store, find your Zaxari farmer by the river quays in Pharai, find your Lysétte railroad team worker or your Voltan shipping colleague, and give them a gift. With everything, they deserve our hospitality. That is all I have to say.

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Exarchal Address
Faithfully Recorded, 22-10-10

It is with great sadness and dolor that the Damoras administration observes the fate that has been worked against for decades, the summit of the ages and the design of our Aurelian people; the declaration of a conventional war between powers with operational parity on our continent. Condolences are offered to any whose loved ones have been put at risk by this eventuality, who should know that the proper channels have been left open for them via our consulates, who will do anything they can to see to the safety of any Kirvinian citizens and loved ones thereof. Parliament has been convened since the first attacks on the Saksari border began, and has continued to convene in light of events involving Anatheia and Loubiera, with whom our prayers rest. A conclusion which has been reached, which will be discussed with the Aurelian League.

In the meantime, the Exarchate of Kirvina presents the following complete sanctions against Azuria and Cote de Fourrure:

  • A ban on the export of all foodstuffs, agricultural products and chemicals, and derivatives thereof.
  • A ban on the usage of any Kirvinian-owned (AUrail and subsidiaries) rail network to all nationals aforementioned.
  • A ban on the export of any arms, arms components, military hardware, ammunition, or supplies required for the use thereof.
  • A ban on the commercial airlines of the nations aforementioned from entering Kirvinian airspace.
  • A complete freeze of the finances of any MP, highly ranked army officer, or minister of the nations aforementioned.

These sanctions can and will be reinforced should the situation change in a direction the Exarchate is not pleased with. Additionally, the Exarchate would like to announce the following three points of stipulation:

  • A volunteer corps will be formed and offered freely to Saksari High Command.
  • Humanitarian aid, including foodstuffs, medical supplies including pharmaceuticals, and pack kit will be donated to Saksari logistics.
  • A military aid package accounting 100 million Adapton Solidus is prepared for Saksari High Command, to be delivered in two weeks.

Moreover, the Exarchate takes a historic step. A regional termination of the Solar Compact is invoked.

  • All Kirvinian humanitarian and diplomatic staff will have until 22-12-10 (2 months) to vacate the Solar Temples of the Kienássa and Belaléra jurisdictions. Airlifts and land routes will be arranged. After this point, such territories will be returned to the jurisdiction of Cote du Fourrure, and their role as neutral ground will be terminated. The re-location of FHC assets will additionally be provided for.

Further, Saksari delegates are invited to the next convention of the Ilene Rail, Customs, and Arms Union, to occur on 22-12-01.
In the name of the Sun, which remains Unconquered, is the will of the people ratified.


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