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[UPDATED/NEW][Industry and Companies of Nyantastan] Commonwealth of Nyantastan

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The Nyantastani Industry focuses primarily on its Wood industry and the manufacturing of its vast timber Resources. To be added, the grand coastline supplies the Country with excellent Seafoods. The Biggest Industry in the Commonwealth is here by the Furnishing Industry with VPWNF taking a near monopoly on the Furnishing Market. While other Companies like Fix Homes are expanding in the relatively new prefabricated house sectors. Other Companies Focus on the Manufacturing of Wood in a more abstract way. One of the biggest Companies that operates the Saw Mils to cut the Wood is Chainsaw Charlie. The recent Government relaxed some regulations for the Production of Wood based Chemistry and Chemicals like Cellulose. One of the biggest Producers in the Growing Industry is Brunswick Inc. While PP (Pelecenian Paper) is the Largest Domestic Producer of Paper and Paper related Products. With its vast Coastlines, the Nyantastani are blessed with a rich variety of seafoods. Some of the Biggest Companies here are the  Aberg Seafood Company and the Östberg Fishing Company. While other Sectors like the Financial Sector are under a slower Development where the Commonwealth national bank holds the sole Monopoly. Whilst it's under heavy Regulations, some other Financial Companies and Banks recently showed up, promising a once again Competitive Market. The Gastronomy industry is thanks to the Seafood industry in full swing and will hopefully grow even more. Sectors like Heavy Machinery grow Naturally to accompany the big Wood industry. While the Telecommunications industry is in firm Hands of few very Professional Companies. 



Brunswick Inc

Paper Packaging:

Pelecenian Paper

Building Products:

Chainsaw Charlie Crown

Cement Fix Homes

Paper & Forest Products:

Pelecenian Paper

Chainsaw Charlie

Aerospace & Defense:

Commonwealth Armament

Trading Companies & Distributors:

Crown Logistics Marcus

Simonsson forwarding agency


Crown Motors

Food & Staples Retailing:

Aberg Seafood Company

Östberg Fishing Company


Commonwealth national Bank


Nyantastan Telegraph & Telephone Corp Short NTT

The NTT wants to be the best in mobile communications, regional communications, long distance and international communications ,and data communications as well as system development ,and finance. "If you want to Contact someone we make it happen" -NTT Slogan Headquarters: Arkos



VPWNF (Valeria, Pelecena, Walarda and Nyantastan Furniture)

Spread all over the wurld, we have a passion for home furnishing and an inspiring shared vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our Goal is to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low, that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Headquarters: Ormsdalr -Pelecena Assembly: Gautland - Wlarda Shipping; Akros- Nyantastan

Motor Vehicles:

Mud turtles INC.

Mud turtles Inc wants to be the wurlds leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives Headquarters: Gautland-Wlarda

Hydropower/Supplier of Energy:

Pure Water Technologies

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