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Request: Tagmatium

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It has begun to offend me that so much of Eurth isn't under the thumb of the Leopard Throne, so I hereby request that every nation that borders Tagmatium cedes all of their border region to the Greater Holy Empire. As well as this, the entirety of the island of Vanarambaion is now a province of Arome once again. This is going to be the start of the re-creation of the Aroman Empire of old and I'm afraid that there's no way that anyone can argue with this.

Only joking!

(Or am I? Dun dun duh!)

On closer inspection, I have a bonkers number of cities.

An absolutely bonkers number.

Although I'd argue that the majority of them are going to be pretty big cities by Eurth standards and therefore important, it is still a bit nonsense that I have so many of them compared to every other country. Because of this, and the fact that I've got a Wiki page where all this sort of shit can go, I'd like to request that the number of cities I have is reduced. I'd like to keep the following cities:

  • Tagmatika (duh)
  • Arome
  • Europatorion
  • Trapezon
  • Dymafos
  • Kalamanon
  • Easteia
  • Petrion
  • Matapon

Albeit I leave it up to @Metztlitlaca to choose others or reject those I've chosen for aesthetic reasons, if the new distribution of cities ends up looking well wonky. The first six are the most important but the rest of them are kind of interchangeable.

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This is a level of fussiness on my part and I didn't want to start a whole new thread about it. When the cartographers next come to do work on the map, could they remove the "Glevokastron" part from the name of the capital of Akwisia?

It's makes the area of the map cluttered and I no longer think it necessary.


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