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Qarau's Map Application

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Nation in Eurth: Qarau (The United Dumaaqdoms Of) 



Capital name: Haqar

Capital location: Coastal


Stats Chosen: 

Land Area: 4

Population: 0

GDP: 0

(NOTE: I don’t think that my intention of a massive but almost entirely empty nation, similar to Australia or Mongolia, works well with the points system. Even sacrificing all population and GDP investment, the given upper bound of 790,000km^2 still doesn’t feel quite large enough. I hope that this boundary can be pushed in my territory, being compensated for by that land being mostly empty and borderline uninhabitable.)


Culture: “East Asian” seems to already have a presence near my desired region, so that seems like a good choice.

Geography: Divided into three distinct regions, listed in order of distance from the coast: the relatively temperate valleys and hills of Siiltusqa, the (preferably forested, or at least not arid) highlands of the Red Mountains, and the sprawling deserts and steppes of the Kuulna.

History: The modern Qaraic state was formed around 1835, when the isolationist and rapidly crumbling Fourth Siltskian Empire was invaded and annexed by the Seven Dumaaqs, a large united force of steppe nomads. A cultural rebirth was spurred on by this change, in no small part due to widescale popular resentment of the Empire, resulting in the creation of Qaraic identity, uniting both sides of the Red Mountains into one people and nation. Of particular note is the Riikamaq, a democratically elected parliament created near the state’s birth which has since supplanted the hereditary Dumaaqs in almost all matters of governance. Since its beginning, Qarau has pursued a policy of geopolitical neutrality known as Nalikuqai, maintaining a principally domestic armaments industry mostly used to put down seperatist rebellions in the Red Mountains. In recent years, however, local industries have begun to lag behind technologically, and decades-old guns seem increasingly unworthy to safeguard Qarau’s vast mineral wealth from its neighbours.


Desired Location: Northwest Alharu seems appropriate in terms of size and biomes, though perhaps with some modifications to elevation slightly inland to better represent the Red Mountains.

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Hello and congratulations on passing the academy. Let's try get you on the map now,

I spoke to the staff about the possibility of extremifying your stats to allow for a greater land area beyond 4 points but it was rejected. However we came to a compromise within the staff that a lenient historical expansion (one that retells your story of the Seven Dumaags perhaps?) would be permitted to double your nation's size from +750,000km^2 to +1,500,000km^2.

The reason for this is we've had experiences in the past on giving more land than 790,000km^2 to new members but they subsequently leave the server and leave a hulking corpse in the middle of the map. If you are willing to do a small expansion for the land you desire then we can be confident you won't leave as soon as your map application is done :). In the meanwhile I'll make sure my map proposals are as close to the 4 point limit as possible (790,000km^2).

Culture, Geography, & Desired Location
This seems reasonable. Currently we/I am going through each continent to do big revamps to (currently on Europa) and Alharu will be next, where the climate and geography of the continent will be discussed. So a future request for larger mountains and more exact climates will certainly be possible in the near-ish future.

Location Proposals
I have selected 3 locations which I believe fit your country best. It is up to you to choose which one (if any) you like. Then we can refine the borders here or in Discord DMs.

unknown.png  unknown.png  unknown.png?width=1115&height=676

Above are three proposals of land areas 783,000km^2, 789,000km^2, 786,000km^2 respectfully. All three have coastal climates with temperature (be it Humid or Mediterranean) with interior steppe climates with highlands or mountains. The first and third proposals however are within the area reserved for Semitic groups, but as you're making a conculture I wouldn't be too worried about that.

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While our cartographer is on hiatus, different staff members will be answering threads while one of the admins handles the actual make-map-look-pretty-with-new-nation part.

Good evening @Qarao, we will add your country in the next map update. My apologies for this extended wait.

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