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Magnus | Foreign Military Exchange Department

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Foreign Military Exchange Department



The Magnus Foreign Military Exchange Department (FMED) is an branch of the Magnus Government that specializes in the trading of military and sub-military goods. It seeks to form beneficial partnerships with “peer” nations with the intention of military trading. It is currently rapidly expanding to meet the demands of the international wurld.


The Core Values


The Foreign Military Exchange Department has established an comprehensive document regarding the goals and agendas of this department. It has also established basic core values that the department is built and based on. “It is destined that this branch continues it’s success the from now, and they shall follow the core values, the same values god himself created” - Melissas, manager of the department. 


Our Products


Guns (All Types):  While there are many guns that we offer in our inventory, the main one is Kingus V3.



Tanks: The primary models of Magnum S12, while there is several others that are very functional. I would say only buy these if you have the technology, these are really getting sophisticated.


Ammunitions: all non-chemical/biological ones. We provide several that match with certain models of guns, while some are for firing for tanks and other heavy machines.


Buying Form


Interested in buying some of our products? Here you can fill out the mandatory form and post it here. Form must be complete and also be completely honest/accurate. 



Buying Form:

Nation Name:

Products you wish to purchase:

Why do want to purchase them:

Are you interested in being an military trade partner:

Any other requests/Concerns:



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