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[Nyantastan] Ministry of Defence

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The Nyantastan Ministry of Defence

Ministry of DefenceThe Federal Ministry of Defence is the supreme federal authority in all issues concerning defense and the armed forces. It heads the air force, the army, the navy and the central medical services
The Ministry of Defence  is the head for Defence and Armament matters. It is lead by James Hurst  as Head of the Ministry.

Its located on the Backer street near the City Center of Arkos.

It was opend on May 20th 2021 and previously resided  on the Ahlsellvägen  in Gautland. But moved to the Capital due to Strategic reasons.

The Ministry of Defence is also gets Advice from the Commonwealth Armament Company. But try´s to focus on State matters and Defense rather than  Business interests.  Its Priority´s lie in the Formation of Military Alliances, the development of new Capable Combat equipment and the Security of the State.

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