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[Nyantastan] Ministry of Defence

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The Nyantastan Ministry of Defence

Ministry of DefenceThe Federal Ministry of Defence is the supreme federal authority in all issues concerning defense and the armed forces. It heads the air force, the army, the navy and the central medical services
The Ministry of Defence  is the head for Defence and Armament matters. It is lead by James Hurst  as Head of the Ministry.

Its located on the Backer street near the City Center of Arkos.

It was opend on May 20th 2021 and previously resided  on the Ahlsellvägen  in Gautland. But moved to the Capital due to Strategic reasons.

The Ministry of Defence is also gets Advice from the Commonwealth Armament Company. But try´s to focus on State matters and Defense rather than  Business interests.  Its Priority´s lie in the Formation of Military Alliances, the development of new Capable Combat equipment and the Security of the State.

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Waves of Change

It's not often that James Hurst has to set up and invite the heads of two states under top secret circumstances. But the Chancellor has decided that it's time to act. He wanted to act before, but some of the more reserved Parliament members opposed his Plans. But with recent news of @Gotneska he not only has gotten a good enough reason but has also set up a Secret emergency meeting. With most of the Parliament now behind him, he has finally gotten what he wants. Now it's Hurst time to give him the Support he needs. With Tin, already fully aware of the Situation and forming an Operation plan with the Information available on Ulfheimr. We will be ready to strike once we got what we need. Normally, James would take his time to set up Formal letters and sent out Diplomats to inform his allied colleagues, but the matter is pressing. So he informed them via call and Secret Service. Inviting them to a meeting on @Tagmatium Rules Aircraft carrier as Neutral ground and also as Plausible reason for a meeting. All Defense ministers on an Aircraft carrier shouldn't be unusual. Packing his last things and the Battle Plans Wobec had prepared even if they are just a rough draft, he set out and hoped he will meet his allies. He pressed the matter and declared it was the most Urgent event in their entire alliance, and it can't be postponed. As he left the building, he looked up into the clouded sky and wondered if this would be the Day History would be writing or the day Nyantastan would be doomed. He strongly believed they write history, but he was always a Pessimist. You should be Pessimistic when it's about defense, as you can never be prepared enough. Before he followed his thoughts even further, he opened up his Umbrella to protect himself from the rain and moved towards the Port as unobtrusive as possible. @Iverica

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Corregidor had been tipped off about a potential operation about a month ago through their private channels with the Nyantastani Ministry of Defence. Both the Iverican and Nyantastani states shared a military cooperation agreement that gave Nyantastan a reliable supplier of equipment while giving Iverica a friendly partner and sometimes, friendly host in the Geltic Sea area.


The intentions of the Concept of Operations Plan, which had recently been green-lit as a OPLAN, were fairly indicative to the Junt-Capos. There was a unique opportunity to both cement their relationship with a Geltic ally while at the same time, test some of their newest equipment in a large-scale combined arms operation. While it was true that the Elefante Self-Propelled Gun and the UC-42 main battle tank had been operations-tested in the theatre of Operation Wolfhound, an operation against Ulfheimer meant a longer time frame over rugged Taiga terrain with less-developed infrastructure. Combat testing and field testing here meant that the Office of Military Technology could attain more data and potentially reveal fixable flaws in the design.


The operation itself was tentatively referred to as "Jormungandr" by the Nyantastanis. Based on planning sessions shared with the Nyantastani command, the operation was to be a joint operation combining armoured, mechanised, artillery fires, naval fires, naval air patrol, and naval-based Suppression of Enemy Air Defence. A summary of the tentative operations plan disclosed by the Nyantastanis to their friendly forces appeared as follows:


  • Nyantastan
    • 1x Nyantasani Army Division
      • Brigades, Mechanised Brigades
      • Battalions, Heavy Artillery (possibly supplemented from other divisions)
      • Brigades, Motorised Infantry
    • Special Operations Task Force
    • Other Nyantastani Divisions (undisclosed)
  • Iverica
    • 1x Combined Arms Regiment
      • 1x Battalion, Armoured Battalion (UC-42 with organic LOGPAC and attached SPAG battery)
      • 1x Company, Additional Combat Service & Service Support (incl. Engineers)
      • 2x Company, Mechanised Infantry (with organic mechanised recce elements)
      • 1x Squadron/Company, Forward Intelligence (UAV, Intelligence, & Signals Support)
  • Tagmatium
    • 1x Carrier Strike Group
      • Carrier Air Wing
      • Surface Warfare elements
      • Ground Task Force (undisclosed)


Fighting Age, Able Population (est. <3,900,000 aged 16-40 years of age, est. <2,886,000 able-bodied at 16-40 years.

  • Ulfheimer Ground Forces (Western Region): approx. 500,000 (incl. reserves), of which 250,000 are combat troops.
    • 1x Division, Armoured (equivalent: T-55 or T-62)
    • 2x Divisions, Mechanised
    • 12-13x Divisions,  Infantry(reserve)
    • 15-16x Divisions, Rear Echelon Irregulars
    • As yet unknown amount of drafted militia.



War Goal: Capture Regional Capital, [[Name]] (River City), total and unconditional surrender of REDFOR armed forces.

Primary Objectives:

  • Destroy: 

    • Regional Headquarters at [[Capital Name]]

    • Ground Forces Sector Headquarters [[Town between border and Capital]]

    • 6x Border Fire Bases 

    • Fires Assets & Facilities (mostly gun artillery) as detected.

  • Capture:

    • Border-adjacent bridges

    • Border-adjacent airfields

    • Hydroelectric Dam

    • All towns and villages within scope of the axis of advance.



  • Prior Training: BLUFOR should prepare a lengthy Simulation Op to test interoperability and the reliability of the supply apparatus. This can be held within Nyantastan (OOC: and can be presumed to have happened already)
  • Support & Service Support Units: BLUFOR will require extensive refueling and rearming services from motorised support units and from littoral units. Suitable amounts of food, fuel, spare parts, and ammunition should have been stockpiled for at least 2 times the length and volume of the expected engagement. Such supply should already be stored and sorted at staging points close to where the advance will begin or at ports adjacent.



Phase 1: Suppression (0-Hour)

Tagmatine Aeronaval assets will commence a suppression of enemy air defence (if any) operation and pioritise any enemy aircraft, SAM sites, and operations centres. Further precision strikes will be used to destroy any bridges or railways that could potentially contribute to an REDFOR flank on the axis of advance. The commander's intent also includes the creation of several funnel corridors where REDFOR armoured units will be forced to use if counterattacking.

Phase 2: Air Assault (+24-Hours)

In a night operation, Nyantastani special operations and airborne brigades will infiltrate and take rail, highway, airfield, and river port infrastructure 50km ahead of BLUFOR massed to begin the advance. Close Air Support available from Tagmatine Aeronaval assets. Nyantastani vanguard elements will survey, pre-sight, and report locations for future artillery deployment.

Phase 3: Combined Arms Advance (+36-Hours)

Iverican armoured units supported by Nyantastani Mechanised Infantry will move along the axis of advance. The axis of advance will be a coastal road moving from the south to northeast. The intention is to both capture enemy strategic locations while attempting to bait REDFOR armoured forces into counter-attacking. BLUFOR armour will advance almost exclusively at night, to exploit the lack of night-vision devices among the enemy combatants. Vanguard forces will move from population centre to population centre and will fortify and rest during daylight hours. Forward recce elements will setup picket positions overlooking forward positions. Recce will mark enemy concentrations or counter-attacks for CAS and artillery. This normal tempo of advance can be altered if an opportunity to encircle or openly engage REDFOR MBT units becomes available.

In this phase, other objectives consist of occupying a sector headquarters used as a sustainment facility for REDFOR armoured units. Airborne units will also be tasked with capturing a Hydroelectric damn north of the regional capital. QRF and CAS will be available from light mechanised and aeronaval assets. 

Psychological warfare is intended to further disrupt enemy morale. Night-assaults and irregular but frequent air strikes are intended to disrupt REDFOR sleep cycles. POW handling will be facilitated by Nyantastani rear-echelon motorised infantry and MP units passing divided groups of POWs along a chain of stay-behind forces along the passed axis of advance. Ad Hoc camps may also be constructed.

Resupply will be facilitated primarily by rail and by sea. Undamaged airfields can be used for priority supply or as a redundant backup. 

Phase 4: Encirclement (+120-144 Hours)

BLUFOR will surround the regional capital and attempt to entice surrender through consistent use of psychological warfare tactics. Loud music will be played at all times in conjunction with illumination flares being fired every hour of the night. Regular mechanised raids will be launched to probe REDFOR defenders. Multimedia will be broadcasted in local languages to entice the civilian population to disperse or flee the city. If BLUFOR successfully seized the dam in the previous phase, power and utilities will be shut-off. If an unconditional surrender is not offered within 72 more hours, BLUFOR will conduct an urban assault from multiple flanks. 

Phase 5: Counter Insurgency

COIN Operations will be handled by the Nyantastani forces.



OOC: That's my draft of what we know so far. I presumed a bit when it came to @Tagmatium Rules's involvement and @Nyanta's involvement. Feel free to let me know details or alterations you would like made to your parts. This is just an interim thing.


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Nyantastani Deployment:
First Nyantastani Army:
Army Division North:

• 21st "Mudcats“ Mechanised Brigade
• 215th "Shield“ Infantry Brigade
• 189th "Spear“ Infantry Brigade
• 13th "Thunder Gods" Field Artillery Brigade
• 24th Field Artillery Brigade
Army Division East:
• 5th "Dragonfly" Aviation Brigade
• 17th "Seagulls" Airborne Brigade
• 18th Armored Brigade
• 22nd Field Artillery Brigade
•127th Infantry Brigade

•Special Operations Task Force
•Maritime Taskforce (Undisclosed)

Nyantastan will mobilize its whole Army, including reserves. We hope that @Tagmatium Rules will achieve Air Superiority, and we will try to establish Close Air Support. 
With @Gotneska doing the Heavy Fighting on the more Populated front, we hope to achieve a Swift Action and take the Capital in a Two Front Assault 


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