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Seylosian Space and Aeronautics Administration Procurement

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The Seylosian Space and Aeronautics Administration (SSAA) is currently in the requisition process for materials related to rocketry and aeronautics. The SSAA wishes to seek out nations that have the ability to deliver the requested resources at the best negotiated price.

  • Aerospace grade aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic Composites
  • Liquid Hydrogen
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • High-Energy Composite Propellants
  • Liquid Nitrogen
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From: Adler Aerospace AG
18014 Von Braun Avenue, Ahrensbucht
Janbourg Province, Kingdom of Rhodellia

To: The Seylosian Space and Aeronautics Administration


Adler Aerospace AG would be more than happy to take up a contract with the Seylosian Space and Aeronautics Administration to provide ceramic matrix composites. It is assumed that these CMCs will be used for high-temperature structural applications such as airframes, heat shields, and propulsion systems for reusable launch vehicles and satellites. If that is the case, Adler will undoubtedly make for a reliable, valuable, worthwhile partner in the Kingdom of Seylos’ budding space program. Adler and its subsidiaries have the scientific expertise, industrial capacity, and history of quality service to provide excellent products that suit our clients’ needs and specifications, at competitive and negotiable prices. 

As a brief introduction to our company, Adler Aerospace AG is a Rhodellian conglomerate and worker cooperative federation founded and headquartered in Rhodellia’s ‘technological capital’ of Ahrensbucht. It operates multiple divisions working in several different sectors and industries. These are mainly aerospace, technology, defence, and scientific research. A pioneering spirit, innovation, and shooting for the stars have long stood at Adler's core.

Since its founding in 1804 by Panedonian immigrant, engineer, and inventor Ahren Kyeser, Adler has grown into one of the Kingdom of Rhodellia’s most prestigious companies. It is a well-respected supplier for various Rhodellian businesses and government departments. It provides a diverse range of components including but not limited to jet engines, rocket engines, and composite armours for armoured fighting vehicles and military aircraft. It is a long-time contractor for the Rhodellian Department of Defence. Among its most notable defence products are the ClearSky Short Range Air Defence System, the Adler Thunderbird multi-role fighter, and the Retribution series of ballistic missiles. It is also one of Rhodellia’s top employers, investing in and taking on graduates of the highest calibre from top Rhodellian academic institutions such as the Rhodellian War Academy, the University of Gottesberg, and the Janbourg Institute of Science and Technology (JIST).

When it comes to cutting-edge materials for spaceflight applications, Adler has mainly been researching silicon carbide (SiC) fibres and CMCs. Other materials within our product range can be looked at as alternatives, depending on what specific applications and material specifications the SSAA has in mind. CMCs are lighter, stronger, and more durable at higher temperatures than competing polymer matrix composites and metallic alloys. They should perform comparatively better in atmospheric re-entry with less cooling requirements. This should significantly increase vehicle performance, safety, and efficiency. They should also save on costs by being comparatively more reusable and reducing fuel requirements for transporting payloads into orbit. If used for flap systems, CMCs can also result in better, more reliable steering. Whatever they will be used for, Adler-made CMCs should serve the SSAA well.

Best regards,
Robert Congreve, Adler Aerospace AG

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