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Established with the mission of countering the slanderous propaganda and lies of the imperialist international press, Rhand News is an international media outlet providing citizens of the wurld with the truth about Rhand, Technocracy, and our endeavours to usher in a new harmonious age of peace for the whole wurld. We also provide cutting analysis of events occurring in other countries, allowing their citizens to access the truth about their circumstances, and the wicked deeds of their oppressors.

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Citizens celebrate as thirteenth 5-Year Plan Overfulfilled


Mass, spontaneous rallies broke out across the Technate celebrating the over-fulfillment of the 5 year plan

The citizens of the Technate of Rhand turned out in their millions across the country in spontaneous celebration following the announcement that the Thirteenth Five Year Plan has not only been achieved on time, but actually overfulfilled across all key metrics.

This remarkable feat has seen the output of all key industrial sectors grow by at least 4% on average, while energy and heavy industrial goods have seen output increase by a phenomenal 14%. The Committee for Economic Development has announced that at the current rates of growth the Technate is officially outstripping the development curve of even the most advanced imperialist economies on Eurth. Further they project that the increasing availability of heavy industrial goods is such that the next two five year plans should be able to increase the production of secondary sectors by as much as 25%.

Despite the latest plans emphasis on heavy industrial growth the last five years have seen an astounding increase in all agricultural products, housing, clothing, furniture and other essentials of modern life. The Committee for Public Consumption have calculated that the objective living standards of the average citizen of the Technate has risen by no less than 12% over the past five years.

Such is the achievement that the Teknocrator himself issued a statement praising the hard work, diligence and determination of the Rhandic people, assuring them that at the current rate of development the Technate is well placed to become the wurld's leading economy, an event that will bring the total victory of Technocracy within reach.

In appreciation for the efforts of the populace the Teknocrator himself declared that tomorrow shall be a day of public celebration and that the soy-meal ration will be increased by 200g per person as of next week.

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